The Best Indica Strains

If you are looking for a mellow buzz, the type that will relax you and put you in a state of calmness and tranquility, then the best Indica strains may be right up your alley. Indica strains can help with many things. If you have trouble sleeping, then a strong Indica strain can help send you off to dreamland. Maybe you have trouble in social situations? If so, Indica strains can help relax you and melt away your anxiety so that you are better able to interact.

Best Cannabis Strains

Sativa, on the other hand, is a more energetic strain – the type you want when you are ready to think, create or discuss. If you’re more interested in this type of Cannabis, then view our list of the 10 best sativa strains for more information. Are you ready to enter the world of the best Indica weed out there? Check out our list of the top Indica strains around:

The Ten Best Indica Strains

best indica strain

1. Northern Lights

Northern lights is an oldie but goodie. It has always been one of the most popular Indica strains. As its name suggests, this strain is perfect for smoking before spending an evening gazing at the Northern Lights. Add it to your bucket list; it’s certainly on ours. The bud looks like it came right out of a Winter Wonderland. This strain is Indica at its finest. Its middle name is bliss. Our product, White Lightning, combines Northern Lights #5 and White Widow strains.

2. The White

You can purchase The White — known for helping people sleep – at The Spot 420. This strain is sure to get you the deep, powerful relaxation you need for a good night’s sleep. It helps relax muscles, stimulates appetite and offers relief from pain – making it one of our favorite Indica weed strains.

3. Flo

Flo is a welcome visitor. The strain is great for combatting depression. One of its hallmarks is that it gives users a feeling of happiness. Relaxation comes along for the ride as well, but it is not such an intense high that your mind is not able to enjoy the journey. We offer Flo White and Flo OG at our recreational dispensaries in Colorado.

Flo White delivers light euphoria. You might feel like you’re walking on air. Its appearance is simply beautiful with snow-white crystals. Flow White was also the winner of the 1996 Cannabis Cup for being one of the best Indica strains. Flo OG is the greener version of Flow White.

4. God’s Gift

As if all marijuana wasn’t already God’s gift to us, this strain promises to offer more than otherse. Completely covered in crystalized resin, you almost expect it to be hanging from the ceiling of a cave. It is heavy-hitting, and as one of the strongest Indica strains, its THC percentages make up a quarter of the plant. God’s Gift manages to offer complete and utter relaxation while allowing you to carry on a conversation.

top indica strains

5. Death Star

Don’t worry Star Wars fans – the only thing this strain is going to kill is your insomnia, pain, and any anxiety keeping you from getting a good night’s rest. Quite possibly the strongest Indica strain available, Death Star is the Michigan Cannabis Cup winner’s claim to fame. Get snuggled up, smoke it up, and sleep like you were meant to sleep.

6. Ice Wreck

Before we even go into the benefits of smoking Ice Wreck, can we take a moment to acknowledge the beauty of this bud? It is truly breathtaking. The THC levels have been found to be higher than Death Star. Ice Wreck is derived from some of the top Indica strains. It is the love child of Ice, Indica and Train Wreck — hence the name “Ice Wreck.” Fortunately, for all of us, its Indica genes are most prominent and offer you a relaxation experience. Don’t make plans to go anywhere; just sit back and enjoy.

7. G-13

We have all heard the stories of the amazing government weed that is being hidden from the general public. Per popular weed lore, this strain managed to escape into the general public a while back. Appearing to be dusted with snow crystals and packing a high THC level, this strain is very potent. You may not be able to keep your eyelids open the whole time while consuming one of the strongest Indica strains available; however, you can lay there and experience total relaxation as your mind wanders before falling into peaceful slumber.

8. Sunset Sherbet

This popular indica strain produces a very happy flower! Known to affect the brain before the body, Sunset Sherbet allows you to enjoy a buzz while your body melts into relaxation mode. This strain is good for relieving pain and anxiety. Sample these buds to travel through life with a sweet buzz.

best indica strains

9. Power Kush

Like the previous strain, Power Kush is known to give consumers many of the Indica weed strain benefits you would expect while allowing you to stay productive. This makes it a good choice for pain or anxiety. Calmness is key here; Power Kush offers a huge mood boost to those individuals suffering from social anxiety.

10. Green Crack

When it comes to finding the best Indica weed strains, you can’t go wrong with Green Crack. The strain boosts your happiness and energy levels – making it a wonderful choice for enjoying among friends. Spend the night in a circle of friends enjoying a happy and harmonious mood made possible by a little Green Crack.

Popular Indica Strains at The Spot 420

Whatever you’re looking for in marijuana strains, The Spot 420 has you covered. Come and visit us at one of our dispensaries in Pueblo or Trinidad. Our friendly bud-tenders will be happy to talk Cannabis and steer you toward our favorite Indica strains.

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