What’s better than enjoying a gorgeous, relaxing summer day spent exploring? To us, the only that could make the day better is being under the influence of a little marijuana. In Colorado, there are plenty of places to go for a quick day or weekend trip, with picturesque scenery and local charm. And thanks to the pot culture that has been cultivated here, you can find cute 420 friendly hotels in Colorado, 420 events in Colorado, and plenty of amazing cannabis products to accompany your stay.

Two southern Colorado towns worth visiting in the summer are Trinidad and Pueblo. Both locations are easily accessible from Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder, but boast a serious charm factor worthy of a weekend trip. Plan a 420 friendly getaway to Southern Colorado with these tips! And if you do make it down south, stop by The Spot 420’s Pueblo dispensary or Trinidad dispensary for all your marijuana needs.  

420 Colorado Accommodations in Trinidad 

If you come to Trinidad, Colorado for a couple of days, you’ll fall in love with its small-town charm and beautifully quaint downtown center. Trinidad has good food, good people, good views, and, thanks to our Trinidad recreational dispensary, good pot. Book a stay at a 420 friendly hotel or Airbnb to keep your trip stress free.

Tower 64

Tower 64 has to be one of the most 420 friendly hotels in Colorado. They advertise their weed-encouraged policy right on the website, so you know for sure you are free to enjoy. This is a pretty bare bones motel and RV park, but the recently renovated rooms come with a great view of the mountains that are beautiful during sunset. You can smoke cannabis in the rooms and on the property, but no cigarettes are allowed inside.

According to all the reviews, the staff is incredibly nice and willing to help. They can arrange for massages, jet ski rentals, and golf at Trinidad Golf Course. Stop by our Trinidad recreational dispensary to stock up on all the things you’re going to consume from the comfort of your hotel room!

Wake & Bake #1

If you want to be in walking distance to our Trinidad dispensary and the rest of downtown, this is a great 420 Colorado Airbnb. You’ll have this entire 420 friendly apartment to yourself, just ready for you to light up a joint before exploring the town. At this location, you’ll have ready access to bars, restaurants, cute shops, and even the Trinidad History Museum.

420 Friendly Events in Colorado: Trinidad 

So you’ve got the 420 friendly hotels picked out in Trinidad, Colorado, but now what about the activities? The perfect day in Trinidad is a delicious breakfast, checking out downtown, enjoying the gorgeous nature, and winding down with a Trinidad sunset and cannabis.

Wake, bake, and head to Tony’s Diner for pancakes to get you ready for the day ahead. Then stop by our shop, the best Trinidad Colorado dispensary, to stock up. If you want to enjoy nature, grab the best sandwich you’ll ever eat from Nan and Nano Monteleone’s Deli to-go and head to Trinidad State Park. You can post up by the water, hike some trails, or just enjoy the scenery.

420 Friendly Hotels in Colorado: Pueblo 

Pueblo is a historic Colorado town. While still staying true to its steelworks roots, Pueblo has seen a lot of growth in the quaint and truly beautiful mid-sized town. It’s known for its Mexican food and heritage. While Pueblo isn’t known for hosting a famous Colorado 420 festival like Denver and other cities, it is known for their Chile & Frijoles Festival each fall that is a stoner’s dream of delicious foods and smells.

Purple Kush Room

When considering 420 friendly hotels in Colorado or private rentals, there is one stand out option for the true stoners visiting Pueblo, Colorado. The Purple Kush Room, a private Airbnb room in a shared home, is fully equipped for all your cannabis needs, except the pot itself. For that, you can head over to The Spot 420’s Pueblo recreational dispensary, which is about a five-minute drive away.

Not only will your room come with a rolling tray, papers, vape pen, grinder, and more, the house itself has a dab room you can use anytime during your stay. You don’t get more 420 friendly than that! You’ll have full access to the fridge and kitchen for storing and reheating leftovers when the munchies hit. And you can wind down your night with a gorgeous sunset view on the porch.

420 Events in Colorado: Pueblo 

Pueblo is a picturesque town that still holds tight to its steel roots, but nowadays it is better known for its art, culture, Mexican food, and beautiful outdoor activity options. Get yourself good and ready for the day by utilizing the dab bar at your Airbnb, loaded with some delicious and potent concentrate from our dispensary in Pueblo, CO. Then pick from a pretty fantastic list of summertime options. From taking a stroll along the Pueblo Riverwalk; checking out the “Creative Corridor” of museums, galleries, restaurants, and fountains; or renting a kayak and hitting Lake Pueblo, this town has the perfect mix for a lovely, and pot friendly, summer weekend.

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