It is hard to believe that summer is officially over and we’ll be trading in swimsuits for ski jackets pretty soon. But when there is pumpkin spiced flavored and scented products everywhere you look, that means Halloween is quickly approaching. If there is one thing we know for sure about Halloween it’s that you don’t want to be that person at the Halloween party that takes themselves too seriously to dress up. Life is simply too short not to dress up like a giant joint and each a bunch of candy!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to have an awesome costume. All it takes is a little creativity and DIY magic. If you want to pay homage to everyone’s favorite herb, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite 420 Halloween costumes for you to try this year! We’ve got costumes for one and for pairs, some that require preparation and others that can be ready in 10 minutes. Basically what we’re saying is you have no excuse not to have a little more fun and get into the holiday spirit.

If you need some help getting into the silly mood, stop by our recreational dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado or our Trinidad dispensary to pick up some cannabis that will help lift your mood. We’ll show you products that will get the laughs and creative juices flowing.

Stoner Costumes to Wear This Halloween

Pot Brownie

We love this 420-inspired Halloween costume that Sophia Turner, star of Game of Thrones, wore. And it is so easy to replicate! Here is what you will need to complete this Pot Brownie Halloween costume:

  • A brown or yellow polo that you don’t mind writing on
  • A brown sharpie
  • Khaki pants, shorts, or a skirt
  • Chocolate brown fabric (enough to make a sash)
  • Weed-related stickers, patches, pins, or printed photos from the internet
  • Safety Pins

The key to this costume is making a great shirt and sash. Across the front of your shirt, write “BROWNIES” with the brown sharpie. Decorate your chocolate brown sash with whatever weed-related material you can to make it look like scout badges and awards. That’s it!

Cheech & Chong

Grab a friend and dress up as the most well-known stoner duo of all time. This is an incredibly easy costume that is very recognizable and functional to walk around all night in comfort. Here’s what you’ll need to complete this iconic looks:

  • Denim shirt
  • Jeans
  • Red bandana
  • Retro glasses
  • Red beanie
  • Red suspenders
  • Khaki Pants
  • Yellow tank top

We can’t guarantee everyone will think it’s funny, but if you walk into our Pueblo, Colorado recreational dispensaries or our Trinidad dispensary wearing this costume, you’ll be sure to get some laughs from us.

Bag of Weed

Who wouldn’t want to dress up like a giant bag of marijuana? You can buy this costume premade for around $30 or you can easily make it yourself with less than $20. To recreate this look yourself for cheaper, this is all you need:

  • A large under bed storage bag
  • A sharpie
  • Duct tape
  • String or shoelace
  • Grass clippings, fake moss found at a craft store, or cotton stuffing spray painted green
  • A black long sleeve shirt and pants

Fill the bag with whatever option you’ve chosen for the stuffing. About 6 inches from the top of the bag, stick a line of duct tape across the length of the bag to imitate the look of a resealable bag. Tape the string or shoelace into a loop at the top of the bag that is large enough that you can drape the bag around your neck. If you want to be extra explicit, cut off a small piece of duct tape, adhere it to the front of the bag and write “weed” across the front like a label.


If you find yourself the morning of Halloween scrambling to get a costume together, rest assured, procrastinator, The Spot 420 has your back. This costume will take 10 minutes, or as long as it takes to tape a few things to a t-shirt. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A white t-shirt
  • Four twenty dollar bills (if you’re worried about losing the money, you could draw fake versions on construction or printer paper)
  • Tape

It’s as easy as this: Take the real or fake twenty dollar bills (fake ones are suggested if you are planning to go to a particularly rowdy bar) and tape them to the front of the shirt. Voila! You are now 420, get it? Okay, so maybe you won’t be winning any costume contests, but you’re the one that procrastinated this long!

Halloween Specials at The Spot 420 in Pueblo & Trinidad, Colorado

At our Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries and Trinidad recreational dispensary, we don’t need a holiday to offer our customers a good deal. Not only do we offer competitive and affordable products every day, but we also have Daily Deals at each of our dispensaries. Stop by any day leading up to Halloween to try some of our new fall inventory!

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