There’s only one way to know you’ve crossed the threshold from cannabis-curious to full on cannabis connoisseur. This milestone comes when you finally stop borrowing your roommate’s grinder and invest in your own smoke stash. Gathering all the necessary 420 smoking accessories for a nice smoke session is a step every true cannabis fan must take.

To help make sure your cannabis accessory game is on point, here’s everything you need to know about building the perfect marijuana stash. And we’ll throw in a couple of unique suggestions to elevate your collection even more.

Five Essential 420 Accessories for Every Flower Cannasseur

Let’s start from the very beginning: What is a cannabis stash? And what are the basics you need to start your own?

A cannabis stash, also known as a smoke stash, is a collection of all the things you need to smoke at home. Some people store their stash in a smell-proof bag or box, others in a fashionable clutch, and some leave it out on the coffee table for easy access.

No matter where you end up storing your stash, each one needs to be equipped with at least the following 420 smoking accessories.


Other than the flower itself, having a high-quality grinder is the most essential cannabis accessory. The more you handle cannabis flower with your hands, the more likely you are to lose precious trichomes (the frosty outer coating on a cannabis bud) full of flavorful terpenes. Not to mention ground flower is better for rolling a joint.

We suggest a three-chamber grinder. The bottom chamber will catch keef as you grind and when you finally have enough, you can add it as a nice topper to a bowl or joint for an added dose of potency

Rolling Papers

There comes a time in every cannabis consumer’s life when they finally learn to roll their own joints. You need to have rolling papers on deck if and when this moment arises. Maybe you won’t use papers often, but no stash is complete without them.

When buying joint papers, just know that some are better than others. Unbleached rolling paper options like Raw are popular. And the super thin rice paper variations like Elements provide a nice, smooth smoke.

Cannabis Multi-tool

Whether you need to clean out a bowl, dose out some clear dabs, or stuff down a joint, you’re going to need a cannabis multi-tool. If you are using the point of a pen or straightened out bobby pin to do the job right now, it’s more than time to step up your game.

Pipe or Dab Rig

Having a nice, reliable dab rig, bong, or pipe on hand is a must. Not just because it is convenient, but smoking out of glass can actually save you money. If you find yourself often smoking alone, you can save on cannabis flower by smoking out of a bong instead of rolling a joint each time.  

There are so many different glass pieces to choose from and that decision can be overwhelming. Keep reading to learn about all the different types of cannabis glass out there.


You may think one lighter is enough, but let us assure you: it will go missing and you will need a backup. Every regular cannabis user knows that lighters magically disappear all the time and no one in the smoke circle has any idea where it went. Much like the dryer monster that eats socks, there’s a mythical force out there that’s after all of your lighters. So stock up!

Knowing the Different Types of Cannabis Pipes

If you walk into any of The Spot 420 locations, whether it’s one of their Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries or their Trinidad, Colorado dispensary, you’ll find a big selection of beautiful 420 smoking accessories. There’s no shortage of high-quality glass pieces at every price, so how do you choose which one is right for you?

Start by narrowing it down to one of the big three categories first.

Bong or Water Pipe

Bongs tend to be the biggest and most expensive option on this list. If you purchase a bong (also known as a water pipe), think of it like an investment piece. If you take good care of it, you could have it for years to come.

A bong is made of a bowl, carb, downstem, base, and tube. Water is stored in the bottom chamber and as you inhale, the smoke from the flower filters through the water and makes for a smooth, even smoke that hits hard. Bongs are an awesome way to get a potent high with just a little bit of cannabis flower.


Think of a bubbler like a small bong or a hybrid between a bong and a hand pipe. Bubblers are usually relatively small, but have a chamber for water just like a bong does. People love bubblers because they are easy to handle, not as expensive as a bong, but still have that smooth smoke appeal from the water.

Hand Pipe or Dry Pipe

If you want a budget-friendly 420 smoking accessory, a hand pipe (also known as a dry pipe) may be your best best. Dry pipes are easy to toss in a bag (especially if they’re an indestructible bowl) and take on the go, plus you can find some really cheap hand pipes that are also great quality. The downside to a hand pipe is that it doesn’t offer that same smooth smoke that a bubbler or bong does.

Unique Cannabis Accessories

If you want to really impress with your 420 accessories, there are two fun accessories that are highly recommended. A Lighterbro multi-tool is like having a pocket knife jacket on your lighter equipped with a small knife (perfect for splitting blunt wraps), small scissors, poker, and more. And for an added dose of fun, get yourself a cool ashtray! We love this “Don’t Panic It’s Organic” one.

Best 420 Accessories for Sale in Colorado

You can’t go wrong when you visit The Spot 420. Their three locations (two recreational dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado and a Trinidad, Colorado dispensary) have it all — from the best cannabis selection to all the 420 accessories you need.


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