Your Guide to the Best 420 Accessories

Every stoner knows you can’t get high without the best 420 accessories to enhance your smoking experience. Plus, who doesn’t like being the first to show off the latest and greatest glass pipes and bongs, cannabis tools and gadgets to their friends? Cannabis connoisseurs need a wide variety of marijuana accessories to enjoy every different type of smoking method. Not to mention essentials like weed grinders, rolling papers, weed stash jars and 420 cleaner are key to keeping your accessories fresh and clean. Check out our 5 essential 420 accessories below and stop by The Spot 420 Colorado recreational dispensaries to upgrade your collection and get the most out of your next high:

Glass Pipes and Bongs

Glass Bongs and Pipes

Glass pipes and bongs are one of the favorite 420 accessories among stoners looking for a big high. Glass bongs are ideal for those looking for a big high. The long tube fills with smoke, allowing you to take in all you can handle. The water also filters and cools the smoke allowing for a smoother hit. A lot of glass bongs also allow you to put ice in the tube for an even cooler toke.

Marijuana pipes and glass bubblers are great for a faster more discrete smoking experience. From artistic glass pipes and bongs to less expensive cheap bongs and pipes for weed, The Spot 420 offers a huge selection of glass bongs and pipes for every stoner.

Dab Pipes and Rig Kits

Dab Pipes and Rig Kits

Dabbing is popular among more advanced stoners looking for an intense high with cannabis concentrates, shatter and wax. Dab pipes and rig kits are essential to enjoying your favorite marijuana concentrates. Dab rigs are modified water pipes that have become the go-to for dabbing and promise concentrate users a superior high. Other dabbing tools include dab nails, dab rags / mats, dab torches and dab carb caps. While dabbing may be overwhelming for the novice marijuana smoker, the friendly staff at The Spot 420 Colorado pot shops can set you up with everything you need to get started dabbing your favorite concentrates.

420 Cleaner

420 Cleaner

No one likes dirty glass pipes and bongs. Keeping your 420 accessories clean is not only more visually appealing, but is also key to enjoying the full flavorful of your favorite sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis strains. To use 420 cleaner simply put a little in your favorite glass pipes and bongs, rinse with hot water and let the bubbles take care of the grime and resin that has built.

Weed Grinders & Rolling Papers

Weed Grinders and Rolling Papers

For those old-school smokers who like to do things like the good ol’ times and enjoy rolling up their favorite buds, weed grinders and rolling papers are essential. Weed grinders have come a long way over the years and now feature magnetized lids and diamond sharpened blades. They typically have different compartments for your blades, ground bud and kief. Once you’ve got your favorite cannabis buds ground up nicely, it’s time to pull out the rolling paper, twist up a fatty and light it up!

5.	Weed Containers & Stash Jars

Weed Containers and Stash Jars

Weed containers and stash jars are a must-have for keeping your marijuana fresh or for the smoker on-the-go. Every stoner needs a good weed container to keep his or her marijuana fresh and tasty. From small weed containers that are smell-proof for traveling to larger artistic stash jars, The Spot 420 carries a wide variety of weed storage containers to fit your every need.

There are an endless amount of 420 accessories, all of which will add a little something different to your cannabis experience. Lucky for you, all these great cannabis accessories are available at The Spot 420 Pueblo dispensary serving Pueblo and Colorado Springs and our new Trinidad Colorado dispensary. Check out our collection of 420 accessories online and stop by our Colorado dispensaries today to get them for yourself!

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