Cannabis Infused Products: The Best Cannabis Drinks

Marijuana Connoisseurs know that there are many ways to ingest cannabis infused products. You can smoke, eat, and vape. Drinking cannabis might not be the first ingestion method that comes to mind for most people, but that might change when you check out our list of must-try cannabis-infused beverages.

At The Spot 420, we have a wide-selection of marijuana edibles for sale and encourage you to view our full catalog of delicious edibles in Colorado.

Top 7 Cannabis Drinks

Canyon Cultivation Coffee


Many cannabis users have had cannabis alongside their coffee. What if you could have both at once? Canyon Cultivation offers the first ever cannabis-infused coffee drink. This is an all natural coffee that is roasted locally. Only the finest quality Guatemalan coffee beans make it into Canyon Cultivation. Each shot will give you 10 mg THC. You can enjoy it every morning. How? Get yours at The Spot 420.  It’s also available as 10mg suckers in Caramel Apple and Boysenberry.


Cannapunch 10m

Definitely not your dad’s soda pop. These eclectic and funky drinks come in a variety of flavors: Pineapple Mango Delight, Black Cherry Fusion, Watermelon Nectar, Grand Daddy Grape, and Blue Raspberry Sour.  Often sold to patients requiring medical marijuana, they are made in Colorado using high-quality, whole cannabis buds. Not only are they smooth, potent and great tasting, the bottles are cool enough to decorate your kitchen! We have CannaPunch 10mg shots and CannaPunch 100 mg bottles.

Subtle Tea

A nice hot mug of tea is a great way to wind down in the evening. What if your tea just happened to be infused with .94 grams of cannabis (40 mg THC)? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate in relaxation. The Venice Cookie Company has created this line of tea and they suggest covering the tea cup while it sits and steeps for maximum potency. The longer you steep it the more effect you will enjoy. Add milk or cream to increase your body’s absorption of the cannabis/THC. If you want a more potent drink, add a Honey Stick, which provides a delicious honey flavor plus another 20 mg of THC. With choices ranging from Chai to Green Tea, you are sure to find a flavor that you enjoy. Check out these cannabis infused products here or ask in your Pueblo or Trinidad Spot 420 dispensary.

Jane’s Brew Hot Cocoa

This is the perfect drink to try during the holiday season and the long winter months ahead. Hot Cocoa is the perfect pick-me-up on a cold winter day. Now, you can pick yourself up and keep on rising with this infused hot chocolate. Jane’s Brew says it is a great choice for pain relief. They use freshly ground cannabis flowers to produce the oil in their cocoa. You can get original chocolate or go with their minty chocolate flavor. You have your choice of strains as well so you can customize your cocoa order. Check out their full line of products at House of Jane or drop into your Spot 420 dispensary.

Quigley’s Cannabis Shot

Quigleys Cannabis Shot

Need a fast pick me up? Quigley’s promises to give you just that. Their promise is to help you “ease the day” with their “uplifting liquid cannabis delivery system”. Their product has zero fat, zero calories, and comes in different concentrations of THC. Tailor your choice to fit the moment. They are perfect for camping trips or hiking, when you want to be discrete about ingesting cannabis. We love their company and what they stand for – researched, high-quality products, happiness, and great experiences. Get your fast-acting Quigley’s shots at the Spot 420, available in 50mg and 10mg sizes.

Keef Cola


Summer fun and the living is easy! You can enjoy crisp refreshing Cola infused with cannabis. This is a great way to get the THC you need for your body. You can also enjoy this drink in other flavors, including orange kush, blue dream, flo energy, and lemonade. Check it out here.

Dixie Elixirs


Offering a full line of edibles, one of Dixie’s most popular items are the Elixirs. They are available from The Spot 420 in many flavors including watermelon cream, Peach Iced Tea, Old Fashioned Sarsaparilla, Wild Berry Lemonade, Sparkling Blueberry, and Sparkling Pomegranate. These are going to give you a cannabis infused pick me up when you need it the most.

Sometimes you don’t want to smoke but still want the relaxing or awakening effects. Many cannabis infused products, such as our collection of drinks, are refreshing alternatives to smoking flower. Try a few until you find your favorite. Heck, half the fun is in taste-testing, right?

At the Spot 420, we have cannabis-infused drinks to suit every taste and every need. Come visit our Trinidad and Pueblo Colorado dispensaries and you’ll be delighted by the variety of drinks and shots we have in stock. Our helpful budtenders will guide you if necessary or you can just browse! We have all kinds of cannabis paraphernalia and products. However you want to get your hit, we can help you on your way.

For more information on our cannabis infused products and to pick up the best marijuana-infused products, stop by The Spot 420 Colorado dispensaries today!

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