We’re all well-versed in the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation. The number of deaths from opioid drug abuse has skyrocketed over the past decade. Unfortunately, it’s the opioids that have garnered most of the media attention. They are dangerous and extremely addictive, but there’s another drug epidemic in America right now associated with the class of prescription drugs that sit right next to opioids – anti-anxiety meds. From Xanax to Valium and Restoril, these benzodiazepine prescriptions are growing at a staggering rate. According to a recent study done at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, researchers found that prescriptions for this class of drugs have increased from just over 8 million to 13.5 million in the past 20 years. This correlates to an increase in overdose deaths by over 500%!

Not only are these drugs becoming more common to treat dozens of different conditions, they are being over-used and are extremely addictive. That’s where cannabis comes in. It’s a common series of questions – is marijuana good for anxiety, what are the marijuana effects on anxiety? It’s no shock to anyone that anxiety and marijuana tend to go hand in hand. The positive effects of cannabis and anxiety have been documented for years

Marijuana Use for Anxiety

The conditions that benzodiazepines can treat range from anxiety to seizures and even insomnia. Studies have found that using marijuana for anxiety relief is not only trending, but is proving successful for patients and recreational users. Benzodiazepines can certainly help with these common conditions, but are often meant for temporary use. The issue there is that some users can experience withdrawal without the medications and start to overuse them. What starts as a temporary treatment program turns into a much longer battle with addiction. There have been no documented negative side effects of long-term cannabis use and thus pot for anxiety becomes another treatment option.

Marijuana Products that Treat Anxiety

There are a number of products more ‘specialized’ in the treatment of anxiety and related conditions. Using marijuana for anxiety can range from specific strains known to alleviate symptoms, using CBD oil products through vaping or in topicals and even through cannabis edibles. Here are some of the most well-known weed strains and products known to help with anxiety.

Anxiety and Marijuana  – Level Blends
This newer vape company comes out of San Francisco and the founders pride themselves on their scientific approach to cannabis products. They have a handful of blends crafted to relax the mind and body. From sativa to indica, their blends cover the spectrum. THC and anxiety is covered with Level’s seven blend options.

Anxiety and Marijuana  – Mary’s Medicinals
A Colorado staple in the topicals and tinctures categories, Mary’s Medicinals has products with some of the most concentrated and pure CBD oil levels on the market. The Spot 420 carries Elite Botanical with over 33MG of CBD per ML and almost 2MG of CBD per drop.

Anxiety and Marijuana  – Kiva Confections
Edibles are a great way to treat anxiety and a number of them tend not to make you tired. This makes them ideal for daytime use. Edibles also offer a level of discreetness that users may be looking for. If you aren’t a regular pot user and want to avoid smoking, check out Kiva Confections. Their Terra Blueberry bites have won 3 awards this year and provide an easy way to relax your mind and body.

Anxiety and Marijuana  – Grandaddy Purple
For generalized anxiety, look no further than Grandaddy Purple. As an indica, it helps to relax the mind which can provide calming effects. Grandaddy Purple allows smokers to relax and release built up stress and tension.

Northern Lights
One of the purest indica strains around, Northern Lights is known to help slow your body and mind, alleviating you from repetitive thoughts and compulsions. Smokers tend to feel relaxed, euphoric and happy. If you suffer from OCD, Northern Lights is a must try.

Blackberry Kush
Blackberry Kush is a heavy indica strain with heavy sedating effects. We don’t necessarily recommend it for daytime use, but if you’re plagued with insomnia or even pain, this is a must-try strain for you. We carry Blackberry Kush at both of our Southern Colorado dispensaries.

In Conclusion

Weed for anxiety comes in dozens of different forms from smoking specific strains to tinctures or even edibles. Whether you prefer smoking to treat anxiety or using it in another form, consider it as an option before reaching for a prescription. We understand it’s not for everyone and don’t suggest it should take the place of a visit to the doctor, but there are dozens of documented benefits. The Spot 420 has two convenient Southern Colorado dispensary locations serving Pueblo and Trinidad. Come in and chat with a Budtender about your specific needs and symptoms and we’ll recommend the best products in stock for your unique case.

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