With Halloween right around the corner, The Spot 420 rounded up a few of our favorite horror movies to watch while high. And we even paired each one with the perfect cannabis product from our dispensaries in Pueblo, CO and our Trinidad dispensary.  

Why would anyone want to watch a horror movie while high? It’s true that cannabis can sometimes make you feel paranoid. Generally speaking, this paranoia from pot is something we all could do without, but when it comes to watching a horror movie, paranoia can make the scary movie experience even more exciting. And even if you don’t aren’t paranoid, watching a horror movie while stoned is just one of the better ways to spend a spooky fall night.

Horror Movies to Watch While Stoned (Paired with Pot Products from The Spot 420)

The Shining

This movie is a true American classic, a horror movie that withstands the test of time. Jack Nicholson is so convincing as a crazed, murderous father that we get chills just thinking about his performance. Not only is the storyline and acting amazing, but this film has so many incredible visual elements that are made even better with a little help from THC. The suspiciously empty ski resort in the middle of nowhere? Check. Creepy ghost child twins? Check. A nail-biting chase through a snow-filled maze? Check. Jack Nicholson screaming memorable and quotable lines like, “Here’s Johnny!” CHECK, CHECK, and CHECK.

Pair it with: Americanna Slugger Caviar Pre-Rolled Joint in Soma Glue

Nothing goes better with this American classic than a pre-roll caviar joint from Americanna Slugger. These pre-rolls are full of top shelf flower, dipped in hash oil, and rolled in kief, so you’ll be stoned the whole movie. Head into one of our recreational dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado or The Spot 420’s Trinidad, Colorado dispensary to snag one of these Americanna Sluggers in the strain Soma Glue, a deep Indica that will keep you glued to the couch even during the scariest parts.


The new film version of this movie came out in 2017 and really did this Stephen King story the justice “IT” (get it?) deserves. Not only is the storyline incredibly creepy (Hello, scary giant clown that eats children) but the whole movie is perfectly nostalgic. The imagery of the 1970s and early 1980s fills the screen and warms your heart, but is enhanced by 21st-century special effects. The characters are charming and loveable, a group you want to root for. You’ll find yourself remembering days when you rode around the neighborhood on your bike with friends, worrying about girls and bullies, but with the added bonus of a shape-shifting monster that dines on the fear of children. Sign us up!

Pair it with: Coda Hot Chocolate

Give an ode to your childhood with Coda Hot Chocolate. We love the way this product is designed and it is the perfect addition to your scary movie night. A top-quality cube of infused chocolate is attached to a mixing stick, so all you have to do is place it inside a cup or hot milk or water and mix until it’s dissolved! It’s perfectly cozy and will keep you high all night.

Friday the 13th

Even the most dated of horror classics are still worth a watch, especially when they give birth to one of the all-time scariest characters in horror history. If you haven’t seen the classic slasher film “Friday the 13th”, it is high time you make up for a lost opportunity. While the effects and acting aren’t exactly Oscar-worthy and seem especially dated decades after this film was released, this slasher was groundbreaking for its time and birthed a whole genre of amazing horror films.

Pair it with: Bakked Grandaddy Purple

You’ll want to be really stoned for this movie to see past the dated aspects and just enjoy the ride that is “Friday the 13th”. This activated pure CO2 oil cartridge by Bakked is full of all-natural botanical terpenes that will provide a robust and full bodied high, while packing your tastebuds with flavor.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is a newer horror film that is available on Netflix and is absolutely terrifying. Here’s all you need to know: set in the 1970s, in a creepy old home newly inhabited by a young family with five children, there is a child with an imaginary best friend, a scary basement, and two professional exorcists. What more could you possibly need in a scary movie?

Pair it with: CannaPunch 10 mg Shots

This is one of those movies where scary things pop out at you all the time, so we thought a cannabis-infused shot might be the best route. If you are holding a drink in your hand during this film, there’s a 99% chance you’d spill it during one of the many jump-worthy moments. We have all sorts of CannaPunch shot flavors at our marijuana dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado and our Trinidad recreational dispensary, so stop by and grab a few to keep you dosed through the entire movie.


No horror movie list would be complete without at least one comedic take on the scary movie genre. We went with Halloweed for two obvious reasons: 1) The main characters are two heavily stereotyped but funny stoners 2) Danny Trejo is in this movie and he makes everything better. Who doesn’t want to watch two high guys handle a serial killer that just moved to town? Now, Halloweed isn’t going to be winning any awards and definitely won’t garner critical acclaim, but it’s an entertaining comedic horror film that is fun to watch nonetheless.

Pair it with: Incredibles Pumpkin Pie Delight

There is no cannabis edible more suited for the Halloween season than an Incredibles Pumpkin Pie Delight bar. These have been flying off the shelves at our Trinidad, Colorado dispensary and our Pueblo, Colorado recreational dispensaries. And for good reason. This bar tastes just like pumpkin pie filling and has a perfect crunchy texture thanks to the delicious graham cracker crust. At 100 mg, you can eat some of this for your movie night and save the rest for later!

We’ve got your high Halloween horror movie night all planned out for you. All you have to do is stop by The Spot 420 in Pueblo, CO or Trinidad, CO, pop some popcorn, and scream like a little kid when something scary jumps out.

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