In this dawn of the cannabis-age, there are many marijuana resources available for connoisseurs of all levels of experience, including internet articles, blogs, and other cannabis resources. You can also find a plethora of marijuana magazines, cannabis websites, and grow industry conferences. It can be hard to wade through all of the marijuana resources without knowing which media sources you can actually trust. If you are looking for credible cannabis resources, check out The Spot 420’s guide, below:

Explore Marijuana Resources


Self-described as the “World’s Cannabis Information Resource,” Leafly is full of information, blogs, videos and numerous other marijuana resources. It’s certainly one of the most common names in the new generation of cannabis websites offering strain-related marijuana resources. You can even get the Leafly app – All of the cannabis resources you need right at your fingertips! And you used to think all you needed at your fingertips was a joint.

They offer information on dispensaries, strains, marijuana news, the green industry, and more. They also offer a monthly list of the best cannabis stores and dispensaries, and a massive list of cannabis products available in the country. You can check them out at:

High Times

High Times is not something you pick up at that one gas station on the outskirts of town where no one knows you. It is now available on the world-wide-web.

It has long been the gold standard of marijuana information and it is continuing in that great tradition. While originally a common marijuana magazine, High Times has evolved into becoming one of the most recognized marijuana websites in the world. Chock full of cannabis resources, culture and techniques – and paired with information on growing, strains, products, and breaking news – High Times has it all. You can visit High Times and sign up for a subscription at:

Colorado dispensary

The Spot 420

Your local guide to cannabis culture. If you haven’t already noticed, we offering a top-notch blog along with news and plenty of cannabis resources for you to explore. Our local dispensaries bring you the cannabis information you need and desire. Our up-to-date marijuana resources deliver the same stellar experience we offer at our recreational dispensaries in Colorado. You can check out more of our latest blog articles, products and news at:

The Weed Blog

How could anyone not want to read a blog with that name? The Weed Blog offers you an impressive list of blogs covering a wide array of marijuana resources, topics and trends. The Weed Blog brings you breaking political news in cannabis culture, scientific advancements and discovery in the medical marijuana field, national marijuana events for the upcoming year, and worldwide news regarding all things weed. You can catch up on their writing or subscribe to their blog at:

The Herb

The Herb has a great collection of marijuana resources and related articles that are quite fun to read. Check them out if you’re wondering why couples who smoke weed together stay together, if you’re looking for YouTube Videos to watch when you’re baked, or seeking a report on the mysterious ‘Potsquatch.’ In addition to this lighter side, they also have all the news and information any cannabis consumer needs to know. You can sign up to the self-proclaimed “#1 Source for Everything Cannabis” and check out a wide array of articles at:


Canna Bride

Yes, you read that right. There is now a blog dedicated to the bride who likes to get baked. I am not talking black light at the pool hall type weddings either. These are blogs focused on infusing a love for cannabis into a beautiful wedding experience. From cannabis-friendly vendors to tips and ideas, this website is one for the marijuana-loving couple to check out before their big day. You can discover all of their cannabis resources and sign up for their blog at:

The Cannabist

The Cannabist site is another all-inclusive site full of marijuana resources. You’ll find a section dedicated to cannabis-infused recipes. For the cannabis chef, this is a bonus; it’s a great resource that you cannot find everywhere else. It’s a great place to find recipes for appetizers, entrees, and desserts. You can also find recipes for basic cannabutter and cannaoil. Find recipes for “Pot-Infused Baked Brie,” “Herbal Infused Thai Iced Tea,” and “Pecan Pie” – It ain’t your momma’s pecan pie, you can be sure of that! If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas, the site’s numerous marijuana resources are also worth checking out at:

A few of these marijuana resources are sure to become your new favorites. Sign up for their blogs, breaking news, and updates so that you never miss out on valuable cannabis resources again!

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