best strains for spring weather

When the chill of winter finally wears off and the warmth of spring shines through, it’s time to get outside and enjoy some of the best strains! If you didn’t know that there are strains perfectly made for spring, well now you do and we’re going to talk about some of our favorites.

A nice, light, energetic high is perfect for enjoying the weather of spring and some outdoor activities. Nature is coming back to life at this time of year and there is so much to do, see, and experience. The smells in the air are of flowers, plants, new growth, fresh air, and warm trees. Pairing this vibe with the perfect strain can make for a wonderful experience.

This is the true definition of flower power.

Spring is the season of rebirth, of light, and of new beginnings. Cannabis is a great way to help usher us through these transitional times while we reconnect with Mother Nature. And after a brutal winter, this is like therapy.

Best Strains for Springtime Weather

While you may be thinking, “all weed is great to smoke all the time!” You’d be right, of course, but there are some strains that are better suited for daytime and great weather than others. 

We’ll also talk about edibles and dabs for the springtime weather. There are so many ways to include cannabis in your celebrations. Get ready to light up, mellow out, and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer in spring.

Typically you’re going to want a strain with a decent percentage of THC, but not too much that you’re blasted after one rip. Keeping it chill on a nice day is the key to long lasting fun and an effortless flow. 

Avoiding Indica strains will keep you off the couch and ensure you’re able to get out and get some good weather. Indica strains can be too heavy for the daytime as they are going to be more of a body high than a mind high. Referred to as “in da couch” indica strains are great for evening and before bed or long travel. You’ll be too relaxed and might feel heavy if you smoke during the day with a list of fun outdoor activities.

Stick to sativa strains for a mental vacation and the energy you need to power through hikes, bike rides, walks, and general adventuring. If you’re looking to tackle your spring cleaning while high, we’ve got the perfect guide for that. 

Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate 4/20 or you’re just in a good mood because the sun is shining, these are the best strains for springtime weather.

Pineapple Express

One of the best strains for sure is Pineapple Express. Blue kush is an Indica hybrid that displays the sweet berry flavors of Blue God with the powerful kush flavor of OG Kush. Strong flavors of pine and lemon hit at the back end and the high is full of good vibes and uplifting thoughts. This strain exhibits the perfect balance of effects both motivational and relaxing.

THC: 16.79% – 22.71%

Red Headed Stranger

Red Headed Stranger is an energizing sativa strain named in homage to the 1975 album by Willie Nelson. A cross between Tom Hill’s Haze and William’s Wonder, Red Headed Stranger offers a jolt of cerebral vigor that fuels creativity and focus. True to its Haze heritage, Red Headed Stranger takes on a sharp spicy aroma with subtle herbal notes.

THC: 16% and 26% 

Durban Poison 

Durban Poison – This pure Sativa originates from the South African port city of Durban. It has gained notoriety worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects. Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day, when exploring the outdoors, or to lend a spark of creativity. The buds are round and chunky, and leave a thick coating of trichomes on almost all areas of the plant.

THC: 22.71%-30.73%

Sour Joker

Sour Joker is the stimulating sativa blend of Amnesia Haze and East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD). This amped combination offers consumers a vigorous body buzz that is clear-headed and motivating, encouraging physical activity in or outside. Harness the mental clarity of this strain at lower doses and the fueled-up stimulation with continued use.

THC: 21.2%

Edibles and Dabs

If edibles and dabs are more your thing, stick to sativa and you’ll have a great time. If you’re looking to microdose with an edible or get super lifted with dabs, there are so many options. 

Here are some of our favs:

CannaPunch Shots

These perfectly portioned 10mg shots come in Pineapple Mango Delight, Grand Daddy Grape, Black Cherry Fusion, Blue Raspberry Sour, and Watermelon Nectar.

THC: 10mg per serving

Dixie Awakening Orange Zest Mints

When you’ve got places to go and things to do, Orange Awakening Mints provide a great low, consistent dosage and fit discreetly into your pocket. These 5mg THC mints are formulated with premium orange oil to help enhance your alertness and increase your stamina.

THC: 5mg per serving

Ghost Star Shatter

Ghost Star Shatter, with its flawless amber glass consistency produces excellent terpene & cannabinoid profiles available on the market. Its stable consistency makes it the most convenient for vaporizing or dabbing. It is by far the most popular concentrate on the market.

THC: 69.31%

Durban Poison Shatter

Durban Poison Shatter, with its flawless amber glass consistency produces excellent terpene & cannabinoid profiles available on the market. Its stable consistency makes it the most convenient for vaporizing or dabbing. It is by far the most popular concentrate on the market.

THC: 71.94%

Get Lifted and Get Outside

Fresh air and time in nature can soothe the soul in ways that nothing else can. Add a little of the best strains of cannabis to the mix and you’ve got yourself a stellar day. Whether you’re planning to lay by the pool or run down a mountain, there’s a strain for that.

Cannabis can elevate your mood, open your mind, and encourage you to think in ways you may not have previously. There’s a beautiful thing that happens when cannabis is mixed with good weather and a good time, and we are so stoked for this season. Stop into The Spot 420 for all your springtime cannabis needs and take advantage of our 4/20 specials!

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