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Being a cannabis consumer in Colorado is definitely what the real estate industry would refer to as a buyer’s market. We can choose from hundreds of dispensaries who all carry countless different strains, products, devices, and ways to enjoy this wonderful plant. The best weed apps are a good place to start on any cannabis journey.

As technology advances and COVID-19 fueled some evolutionary changes in the industry as a whole, weed apps are also turning some heads with what is possible to do and find online in the world of weed.

Although the laws from state to state vary widely, there are some mobile apps that can provide tons of information without fostering the sale of any cannabis. The benefits of using a mobile app to research weed and cannabis products is to learn and educate yourself before you walk into a dispensary — or order online in a post-pandemic world.

There are countless strains in the world and it can be incredibly overwhelming to step into a dispensary and choose something. Each strain has different percentages of THC and CBD, and knowing how this affects you personally and what the benefits are of the individual strains is how you find the perfect fit. There’s a sweet spot with being high and once you find that strain, it’s like ordering your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant every time. 

Here’s what mobile apps for the cannabis industry can help you with:

  • Finding local dispensaries
  • The rating of local dispensaries
  • What the dispensaries around you carry (strains, products, edibles, etc)
  • Strain database
  • Industry news and lifestyle tips
  • Social networking
  • Grower’s diary and maintenance record
  • Delivering munchies (not necessarily a mobile cannabis app, but handy when you’re high)

Taking your love for weed online has many benefits — and this is just the beginning – the best weed apps.

Until legislation allows for home delivery of cannabis from dispensaries, you can at least be well informed, connected, and up to speed on what’s happening before you walk into a dispensary.

The Best Weed Apps for the Colorado Consumer

Buying weed in Colorado is easy, convenient, and fast. With hundreds of dispensaries throughout the state, picking one near you is the easy part! And finding the exact strain you want before you walk in is at the touch of a button.

Mobile apps have come a long way in the past five years, and we are getting closer and closer to virtual reality being an actual reality. But in the meantime, developers are focusing on the cannabis consumer and making life easier.

Here are the best weed apps for the Colorado consumer:

  1. High There!
    This dating app turned social network allows consumers to connect on a shared interest right off the bat. It has evolved from strictly a dating app to a full blown social network where consumers can create chat rooms, share recommendations, talk about news, and even swap recipes. As cannabis finds its way more and more into the global conversation, we are also seeing a rising community that is interested in connecting and getting lifted together. Darren Roberts, High There! CEO and co-founder said, “There is no denying that cannabis is now a part of a bigger global conversation, and with the increase in media and debate, trusted resources can be hard to come by.”

    Free; iOS and Google Play;
  2. Leafly
    Another hybrid mobile app is Leafly, one of the most popular weed applications on the market. What started as a strain and dispensary database has turned into a trusted news and media source, and is setting a record with the largest catalog of cannabis strains at over 3,000 names logged. In Colorado, you can order directly through the app to pick up at many dispensaries. This changed the game even before the pandemic and is now more popular than ever. By being able to research each strain and dispensary, consumers are more educated and informed than ever about what they’re buying. Leafly also has a robust news section and a weekly podcast called The Roll-up.

    Free; iOS and Google Play;
  3.  Weedmaps
    The OG of mobile cannabis apps, Weedmaps launched in 2008 for medical marijuana patients to locate dispensaries. Since those early days, the app has expanded into a highly trusted empire that offers a dedicated news source, dispensary discounts and deals, tons of cannabis education, and the ability to order online to pick up at a dispensary. This is one of the most trusted cannabis apps on the market and they have developed the potential of what they offer over the years in a professional and approachable way. Erasing the stigma around cannabis is a main focus as they provide education that can help people better understand the true usage and purpose of cannabis. The developers have also created the popular pop-up Museum of Weed in Los Angeles to further educate and introduce cannabis (and its ancient roots) to the general public.

    Free; Apple iOS and Google Play;
  4. Bud
    This comprehensive mobile app is for growers and cultivators. Whether you have a few plants on your balcony or you help operate a full on grow house, Bud is for you! It’s only available for iPhone but it provides a visual diary of plants to keep track of watering, nutrients, light, temperature, and more. And while this is a super handy tool to stay on top of your own growing, the app also allows users to make their profile public to share techniques, ask for advice, and talk about strains. Bud really connects the community who loves cannabis the most and takes care of it from seed to joint.

    Free; iOS;
  5. Pax
    The most popular portable vape maker expanded into the digital world of cannabis in 2016, revealing their namesake app, Pax. If you own a Pax vape pen, you can use the app to customize important features in your handheld device including temperature and color settings. Users can have supreme control over their vaping sessions while also shopping for different cartridges within the app. While you do have to own a Pax device to get the most out of this app, it’s still an incredible tool to have in your pocket to have complete control over your sessions.

    Free; iOS and Google Play,
  6. Postmates
    Not necessarily specifically for weed, Postmates makes sure you get your munchies safely. No one needs to be driving around looking for food after enjoying their favorite strain with some buddies or at home. Postmates is the famous food delivery app that is great for cannabis consumers to find and have food delivered right to their door. Keep this app handy when you just can’t move off the couch after that indica strain, and help keep everyone else on the road safe. 

Free; iOS and Google Play;

Taking advantage of evolving technology to ensure a positive cannabis experience is the future. As technology advances and legislation loosens, expect to see many more apps hit the market that are geared towards helping you have the most elevated experience possible. 

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