Sometimes, the most interesting and entertaining facts can be the most random, and those are the ones we really like! Hey, we’re all about educating, so enjoy these fun canna-facts (Marijuana statistics) we bet you didn’t already know, spark one up and enjoy the show!

Some countries just let it go, and by go, we mean flow! In North Korea, distribution, possession and consumption of cannabis is very legal. It’s actually recommended as a healthier alternative to tobacco and freely grows by roadsides. We’re willing to bet it smells amazing there.

Let’s take this next fact all the way over to Bhutan where marijuana grows wild and is more common than regular grass. Yep, imagine that. Ready for the best part? Virtually no one smokes it. Instead, it’s the number one source of feed for pigs. Umm, where can we get our hands on some Bhutan bacon?

Speaking of bacon, have you ever wondered where the word “canvas” comes from? You know, like the ones an artist paints on – Give up? “Canvas” is derived from the word “Cannabis” because the actual material that constructed the surface was made from 100% hemp fiber.

The South is running the show, and we’re not talking about football. Interestingly enough, there’s one place Marijuana is Federally legally allowed to be grown, and that’s at The University of Mississippi. This famous university operates the United States’ only legal marijuana farm, on behalf of the government. Now, that’s a campus we can really get behind. Where do we sign up for botany class?

Health nut? This next fact is pretty incredible. It turns out that Marijuana seeds are one of very few natural resources that provide a nutrition source for all of your amino acids. Literally, they’re only a handful of substances that man can sustain off of indefinitely with no other food source, and these glorious seeds are one in the mix. Now, that is truly amazing! Forget the flax, where are all the canna-seeds at? Marijuana statistics yay!

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