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As we embark on a new year, a new set of resolutions may be rattling around in your mind. And while cannabis surely can help you transition into a healthier lifestyle, there’s also a lot of fun resolutions you can add to your list that don’t involve dropping a few pounds or getting more sleep.

Cannabis is a medicinal plant that has many incredible properties we are truly just beginning to understand. While science and clinical studies catch up to what cannabis consumers have known intuitively for millennia, we can have some fun in this new year with cannabis resolutions.

What are cannabis resolutions, you ask? With the advancements in legislation, creative products, new strains, and events in legal states, there’s never been so many ways to amplify your life with cannabis.

When you sit down to set your intentions and resolutions for 2020, consider adding some of these to the list and you’ll be the happiest cannabis consumer in town. You can also inspire others and help the plant medicine industry break through stigma while the advocates work on the legal side of things.

2020 Cannabis Resolutions

To help maintain a little order in our elevated lives, and be sure there’s plenty of opportunities to mix things up, this is the perfect time to redefine the presence of cannabis in your life. Whether you’ve been a loving consumer since high school or are just beginning your journey with cannabis, there are many ways to keep things fresh and really hone in on what works for you. 

And if you can add a little education and advocacy in there, you’re going to have a great year with cannabis.

Here are 4 solid resolutions that you can add to the list to elevate your year with cannabis. 

  1. Diversify Your Cannabis Consumption

Gone are the days of smoking out of apples and rolling lumpy joints. It’s 2020 and there have never been more ways to enjoy and consume cannabis than there are now. If you’re a creature of habit and love your glass pipe or blunts, this is an invitation to get out of your comfort zone and try and new form of consumption.

Technology advancements and the curious minds of engineers have created some of the most interesting smoking devices known to man. Hate the feel of smoke in your lungs? Vaping is a perfect way to get that high feeling without coughing your lungs out? Had a bad experience with a way-too-strong homemade edible back in college? Do some healing around edibles with microdosing a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio and have a blast.

When you try something new, you’ll discover you either hate it or love it. And with so many exciting things coming out of the cannabis industry, the time is now to shake things up!

Here are all the ways you can consume cannabis these days that might be new to you:

  • Roll a joint or a blunt
  • Try dabbing
  • Eat an edible
  • Vaporize your cannabis (pens, volcano, and more)
  • Get a bong!
  • Soak with a bathbomb (you won’t feel high but your body will thank you)
  • Cook with cannabutter
  • Rub topicals on sore muscles and joints
  • Dive into the world of tinctures and concentrates

There’s a whole world out there! If many of these options leave you scratching your head, going into a recreational dispensary is a great way to ask all the questions and spend some time really looking at your options. 

  1. Try New Strains

A favorite strain is like a warm blanket. You know exactly what you’re getting and what to expect, which can bring many new consumers a lot of peace of mind. However, with the advancements in science and breeding, there are new and incredible strains being created all the time. Again, push your creature of habit tendencies to the limit and try a new strain!

A great way to sample different buds is to buy a joint or buy a gram. This isn’t a huge commitment and you’ll be able to figure out what you love and what you don’t need to buy again. You’ll also experience different terpenes and flavor profiles of this incredible plant, which all have benefits of their own. 

You never know unless you try, and if you hate every new strain you sample (highly unlikely) you can always go back to the OG kush that has your heart.

  1. Help to Debunk Stigmas

Cannabis and CBD especially is becoming more and more widespread, and will continue to expand into 2020. This is a perfect opportunity to talk to those you love, those you meet on the street, and those giving you the side eye about the many benefits of cannabis. Show the naysayers that lazy stoners are definitely a thing, but more so that cannabis consumers are entrepreneurs, CEOs, professional athletes, parents, grandparents, doctors, and people who typically were thought to shun the natural medicine. 2020 is a time to break barriers and show the world that cannabis is not the demon we’ve been told it is for decades.

You hold the power to help someone live a better life, even just by better understanding cannabis, by sharing the positive waves it’s making across the nation.

  1. Honor Your Needs

Everyone has a different relationship with cannabis. Whether it’s purely recreational to have a laugh and some good vibes, or it’s medicinal and used for healing, cannabis is powerful. There may come a time when your needs and relationship with cannabis change, and honoring that will help you create a healthier inner and outer life.

If you’re over-consuming, consuming to detach and avoid, consuming products you don’t really like, or have been consuming for a long period of time, this is a great opportunity to step back and take stock. Ask yourself if what you’re consuming and how you’re consuming is serving you. There’s nothing wrong with honoring your needs and making adjustments and needed. This is also a wonderful opportunity to walk into a recreational dispensary and talk to a professional budtender about where you’re at and where you’d like to go. You can cannabis to be adding to you life, not subtracting from it.

Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet with Cannabis!

There are many other ways to infuse and elevate your year and life with cannabis, these are just some suggestions to get you on your path to living your best life. The best place to start is at a recreational dispensary that has a wide selection like The Spot 420. With recreational dispensaries in Pueblo and Trinidad, we’ve got the largest selection in Southern Colorado! And to help you gain an even deeper appreciation for cannabis, you can tour our massive grow house and see the plants with your own eyes. However you choose to amplify your year, please do so responsibly.


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