Let’s face it – with technology constantly moving forward, it’s to be expected that the way we medicate with Cannabis would also be on a similar rise. One of the most common ways we see technology, mainly in chemistry, brought forth to the MMJ table is through the cannabis extract, the real heavy stuff – cannabis concentrates. What is cannabis extraction? We’re about to dive in, dab first.

Cannabis Extract – The Future Looks Clear

Cannabis Extracts: Extracting THC

Clear cannabis extracts are all the rage these days, and deliver a potent high from 100% pure concentrated THC. They get their name from; you guessed it, their clear and translucent form. What many appreciate about clear extracts though isn’t their glass like appearance, but that they are derived using a solvent-free method developed by scientists, which is a much healthier option when consuming it to medicate. It’s basically more about what’s not used to extract the THC. Clear concentrates claim to not use solvents like butane, hexane or ethanol, so they’re said to be a much healthier way to medicate, still providing the potent fix you’re looking for. Used in everything from vape pens to rigs, if you’re really looking to get baked, marijuana concentrates are for you.

What’s up for the future of Cannabis?

Some say that nano extractions are the next big wave in what many predict to be the future of pharmacy. Basically applying the same techniques as traditional extraction methods, nano extraction takes what can be pulled from the cannabis plant to the next level, typically producing a gel like substance that’s used in capsules. Scientists believe that the benefit of using nano extraction methods for producing gel pills, capsules and other more traditional forms of medical aid will deliver a much faster response to taking the medication, and longer effects. When we say faster, we mean faster. Many believe that full effects of medicating the traditional way can be achieved up to 8x faster through nano extraction methods of medicating, and let’s not forget, the ways we can deliver the meds are almost endless.

Some of us like to puff, but others simply use cannabis for medical use, which is where the new form of nano extraction tactics will be focused. Imagine a Tylenol PM, but made with Cannabis using the nano extraction process. The future looks potent for Medical Marijuana, and we’re not complaining.

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