Best Strains for Springtime Weather

Best Strains for Springtime Weather

Springtime….Strains When the chill of winter finally wears off and the warmth of spring shines through, it’s time to get outside and enjoy some of the best strains! If you didn’t know that there are strains perfectly made for spring, well now you do and we’re...
Cannabis and Bioavailability: Why it Matters

Cannabis and Bioavailability: Why it Matters

The bioavailability of cannabis is a very important factor that most people don’t know about. If your cannabis isn’t bioavailable, your body can’t absorb the majority of the beneficial effect. That could mean that only 6% of the cannabis in an edible will make it to...

Respect Your Elders: The Generation that Loves Cannabis

With cannabis legalization spreading and the stigma slowly but surely releasing, an unlikely demographic is rising to the top of the market: Baby Boomers. The generation that led the peace and love movement of the 1960s and crusaded through the 1970s cannabis...

What Are Terpenes?

Cannabis can embody many familiar flavors that can have you flashing back to favorite childhood foods and memorable meals. Cannabis gets its flavor profile from terpenes, and there are many different terpenes and combinations that are all found in nature.  These tasty...

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