Winter is coming. In some parts of Colorado, icy winds and snow are already here! And with winter comes quite a long list of pros and cons.

In the pros column, we’ve got some pretty exciting stuff: winter sports, snow days, the holidays, hot apple cider, and the ability to use cold weather as an excuse to stay in, wear sweatpants, and watch movies. But in the cons column, we’ve got dry, chapped winter skin.

If you’re starting to feel chapping on your cheekbones or cracked lips that hurt every time you laugh, it’s time we shared the best-kept secret for mending dry winter skin: cannabis topicals! We’ll explain why these topicals work to restore moisture and recommend some of the best Colorado cannabis topicals for dry skin, available at our recreational dispensaries in Pueblo, CO, and our Trinidad, Colorado dispensary.

Cannabis Topicals for Dry Skin

You’ve probably used or heard of using cannabis topicals for targeted pain relief from muscle aches, chronic pain, or painful skin conditions like eczema. But these powerful topicals can do so much more than just that.

The cannabinoid blends found in cannabis topicals are powerful. They not only whip your cells into shape, encouraging them to repair damaged skin, cannabinoids also work as powerful anti-inflammatories that can ease the pain associated with dry winter skin. All the topicals we have in store at our Trinidad, Colorado dispensary and Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries are made with powerful emollients that allow the healing cannabinoids to penetrate deep into the skin, allowing them to work harder for you.

If you try one of the many amazing cannabis lotions, topical oils, or balms we have in stock at our marijuana dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado or our Trinidad dispensary, you’ll add a layer of protection and feel instant relief from painful dry skin.

Best Colorado Cannabis Topicals at The Spot 420

You can purchase all of these cannabis topicals, plus many, many more at The Spot 420 locations in Pueblo, Colorado or our recreational dispensary in Trinidad.

Nordic Goddess Body Balm

This body balm by Nordic Goddess is a must have to keep in your bathroom cabinet this winter. Made with the ultra-moisturizing power of shea butter and coconut oil, combined with the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties of 250 mg of CBD and 250 mg of THC, this balm is almost too good to be true. What is really special about this product is its NXT nano-extraction technology that actually breaks the cannabinoids down to a molecular level, allowing them to be more easily absorbed into the skin for maximum relief.

Rub a little bit of this topical on your dry, cracked hands or on chapped cheekbones to feel immediate relief seep through the skin and moisture renewed.

Mary Jane’s Medicinals Lip Bong

The pain of chapped winter lips is like a paper cut — it seems like a minor problem, but can end up being the most annoying thing in the world. You know this feeling all too well. Your lips are slightly cracked and chapped, your friend makes a joke that puts a big smile on your face, and all of a sudden you feel a previously healed crack in your lip break back open. It is the absolute worst and you simply don’t have to put up with it any longer thanks to Mary Jane’s Medicinals Lip Bong.

Switch your normal, boring lip balm out for this elevated version, packed with 10.2 mg of THC and 3.4 mg of CBD. This balm will glide effortlessly onto your lips with a hint of peppermint essential oil. The rich cannabis-infused plant oil will not only provide deep hydration for your lips, but it is also an effective antiviral treatment if you are prone to cold sores.

Mary Jane’s Medicinals Aloe Lotion

Mary Jane’s Medicinals just really has the infused moisturizing game on lock. Not only is their lip balm a winter hero, but their cannabis-infused aloe lotion is a lifesaver. Aloe is known for its deep moisturizing ability, often used to treat and soothe sunburn, but can be equally as useful in the winter months. Combine that with the therapeutic effects of cannabis oil and you’ve got yourself the perfect winter companion.

This is a great option if you are experiencing dry winter skin all over or in a large area of your body. This moisture-packed lotion glides easily over large swaths of skin and is quickly absorbed deep into the skin.

Coda Signature Body Oils

Looking for something a little fancier to keep your skin moisturized and happy this winter? Look no further than Coda Signature Body Oils. These body oils are made with essential oil blends that work hand-in-hand with the 100 mg of THC and 100 mg of CBD to bring you beautifully fragrant relief.

These come in a few different scents and varieties, but there is one thing in common across all of them. These oils are made for hydrating absorbency. As you glide this all over your face, body, and hair, you will feel the thick oil penetrate deep into your skin, locking in moisture along the way. (Pro Tip: Glide this oil on after taking a bath with a Coda Signature Infused Bath Bomb.)

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