Lawmakers in Colorado sided with the legal cannabis industry this year, getting rid of the rule that non-residents could only buy a quarter ounce of Colorado marijuana every day.  

Previously, anyone who was unable to provide proof of Colorado residency was subject to a daily buying limit of a quarter ounce of Colorado marijuana. This year, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law HB 126, which is essentially a routine renewal of the state’s legal cannabis program.

The difference this year was a slight amendment. The amendment repealed rules on the daily buying limit for non-residents, allowing both non-residents and residents the ability to buy one ounce of Colorado marijuana daily. So long as you are of legal marijuana age in Colorado, 21 years old, you will be able to buy the same amount of recreational cannabis as anyone else. Hurray!

All adults can now buy one ounce of Colorado marijuana daily

Great news for tourists looking to enjoy cannabis in Colorado.

For the Colorado cannabis industry at large, it means they can sell more product to more people thus creating more jobs for Colorado workers and helping further the cannabis industry. Also, for those who work in marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, their job just got a bit easier. They no longer have to force a customer to show proof of residency when they want to buy an ounce of marijuana in Colorado. It also gets rid of the issues that come with doing the math on edibles and concentrates that so many budtenders in the state have had to face.

This rule change is also excellent for tourists who are excited by the prospect of enjoying legal cannabis while on vacation in Colorado.

According to a survey conducted by New Frontier Data, canna-tourism is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the cannabis industry. Twenty-two percent of respondents in the survey claim that cannabis legalization would make them “more interested in visiting a state”. And of that 22%, 84% said they would purchase legal cannabis from a legal dispensary if given the chance.

The same survey shows that of the 22% of respondents who consider legal cannabis when planning a trip, 61% say Colorado is their top choice for a canna-tourism destination. More Colorado marijuana to be experienced by all (adults).

That 61% can now enjoy the same legal buying limit as Colorado residents thanks to lawmakers who repealed the daily buying limit amendment.

Easing up restrictions on the daily buying limit for Colorado marijuana comes at the perfect time, with so many tourists coming to enjoy all the activities the state has to offer during the summer months.

Where To Buy Colorado Marijuana

If you are visiting Colorado and want to immerse yourself in legal cannabis but are not sure where to buy marijuana in Colorado, look no further than The Spot 420. With multiple locations, one in Pueblo and the other in Trinidad, The Spot 420 makes it convenient for those visiting the state to access high-quality cannabis in Southern Colorado.

The Spot 420 offers a wide variety of cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, edibles and even seeds. Don’t forget to check out their summer deals!

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