The Cannabis game is an exciting one. We’re constantly discovering new ways to catch our medicated buzz, and for some, discover the more unconventional methods to be the best. From batters to butters and oils to wax and shatter, toking and dabs have become more potent and popular than ever. What’s the difference between the different types of dabs? Let’s take a peak.

What’s the difference between wax and shatter and other cannabis concentrates?

Understanding budder, wax and shatter dabs


Shatter: One form of delectable dab material is known as shatter. It’s the most common way to describe Marijuana concentrates, which are produced by extracting cannabinoids such as THC and CDB, the active chemicals in the bud. When applied to extreme heat, usually a dab nail, the sticky goodness melts into a frothy, thick smoke to be inhaled through a device like a bong, called a dab rig.

cannabis budder

Budder: Another well known, softer version of pure marijuana concentrate is called budder. You’ll find this golden brown, honey-like substance more commonly rolled up in a joint or with kief. The delicious batter contains softer oils, giving it a lower tolerance to heat, which also makes it perfect for sprinkling on top of a bowl. Like all forms of concentrates; budders, crumble and wax all come with remarkably high potency levels.


Wax: Wax, a similar compound to that of budder, or crumble, resembles the same characteristics, but is usually not as sappy as its sibling. Given that all of the above stem from THC concentrates, the consistency, or end product, depends on the method used to extract. The more water and natural moisture extracted, the harder the product. Also, it’s all about the whip. In fact, some of the best concentrated wax comes from the natural process of allowing the concentrated oil to simply “air out” and get fluffy after a vigorous whip of the wrist.

So, what’s the best way to consume cannabis concentrates?

Wax is easy to manipulate. Its consistency makes it perfect for concentrate vape pens. If you’re working with shatter, this actually tends to smoke better in dab rigs or nectar collectors. Shatter is close to hard candy consistency so it’s not sticky, not gooey and in our eyes its less messy than wax. When it comes to budder, your options are almost endless. The most forgiving of all the concentrates, it’s great for indoor or outdoor use, and with pretty much any of your toking gear.

Where can I buy shatter, budder, and wax dabs and concentrates?

Look no further than The Spot 420 Colorado recreational marijuana dispensaries! We carry a large selection of cannabis concentrates including wax and shatter, budder, bubble hash, oil vape pen cartridges and more. View our Colorado dispensary locations.

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