There’s a new craze sweeping the Cannabis Community, and it really packs a punch. That’s right, we’re talking about dabs. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have the same effect of smoking ten joints with one hit, join the dab nation revolution. In fact, if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to cough up an organ, take a dab. Is it worth it you ask? You’re dab right it is.

Before we get to the fun stuff, we gotta say – leave the production of these wonderful concentrates to the pros. Don’t try to extract your own concentrates. Just don’t do it.

What is Dabbing and Dab Nation?

So, what exactly is it? “Dabbing” usually refers to a dose of concentrate that’s heated on a hot surface, like a glass or titanium nail, and then inhaled through a dab rig, like a water bong or vape pen. Veteran tokers will tell you it’s been around for at least a decade, but in recent years, has really gained some popularity with the younger crowd. As more advanced methods of extraction come about, the flood of cannabis concentrates have only picked up, boosting the popularity of what many claim to be the ultimate way to medicate.

This concentrated dose of cannabis is made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids with solvent solutions like butane or carbon dioxide. The result? Sticky like substances which make up our wax, shatter, budder and butane hash oil. Product potency levels can reach 90% and higher when done the right way, which is why just one hit can get you so lit. One of the most positive things to come from dabbing concentrates, is the ability to provide a powerful dose of medicine to those who truly need it. Patients dealing with chronic pain or extreme nausea report that dabbing can be one of the best ways to get immediate and effective relief.

Here’s the deal. Taking a dab requires a little experience, and probably isn’t something you want to do for your first time toking. As its popularity increases, and more concentrated product begins to fill dispensaries across the country, the opportunity to enhance the way you medicate only becomes more available. We can say this, if you’ve been looking for the next level high, you’ll hit the nail on the head with a dab of concentrate.

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