With hundreds of dispensaries popping up across all legal states and areas, how do you know which one is going to be right for your specific needs and who is going to produce high quality cannabis? Some customers work off of budgets, but most of us understand the value of a high quality cannabis product. So what does it take to grow high quality cannabis?

Growing High-Quality Marijuana

There are a number of attributes an individual or operation needs to produce quality marijuana. Let’s go through some of the basics of a quality grower.

  1. Experience. This is hands-down one of the most important factors in being able to grow high quality cannabis and products. Only experience can teach master growers the best techniques and efficiencies in growing quality cannabis from seeds. The more experience a grower has, the more plants they’ve successfully cultivated. Patience is a virtue and experienced growers understand this. While most dispensaries are looking to turn plants into marijuana products as quickly as possible, the perfect cannabis cure takes love, patience and most importantly time. At The Spot420 we understand the value of experience. We only hire the most experienced growers who excel at the entire cultivation process.
  1. Organic-Based All Natural Nutrients. This just sounds good, doesn’t it? What we feed any plant makes a huge difference in its growth and overall delivery. We care about what goes into the soil for our fruits and vegetables and growing high quality cannabis is no different.Synthetic nutrients may appear to get the job done, but when comparing the finished marijuana product, cannabis plants nurtured with organic nutrients will provide a better experience and high.
  1. Original Unique Strong Genetics. Good strains and high quality cannabis seeds are not cheap. A lot of marijuana dispensaries are always looking to save a buck and cut back wherever possible, most starting with the plants or seeds themselves. This is an important area not to skimp on. If you don’t start with a genetically strong strain, you aren’t going to grow a high quality cannabis product. Sometimes the best marijuana strains have a longer grow cycle and produce less weight. Most dispensaries and growers will avoid these knowing profitability won’t be as high, but isn’t it worth the quality marijuana product?

Looking for Quality Weed?

It’s great to understand what’s happening behind the scenes, but what about those of us trying to ensure we’re getting a quality product at the counter. There are a number of low quality giveaways when purchasing marijuana nuggets.

  • Look at the color – weed shouldn’t be brown. Brown weed is a sign of potential chemicals and even mold. If your marijuana is brown, throw it away.
  • It should be sticky. Make sure your dispensary is storing cannabis for quality. Dry weed will burn out way too fast.
  • Few seeds and stems. If your nugget is full of these, leave it at the counter and come to The Spot 420. You want your buds as fresh and thick as possible.

The Cost of Quality Cannabis

At the end of the day, high quality cannabis is an investment. Marijuana users should understand the difference between a quality cannabis product and a $99 ounce out the door. They always seem like a great deal, but will the end result be the same? The Spot420 takes quality more seriously than any other component of the dispensary business. Our marijuana products may not be the cheapest in town, but we can say with confidence that the quality in our grow is unmatched. Come see for yourself. Our Pueblo West dispensary offers grow tours. Call ahead to schedule yours and see firsthand what a quality cannabis grow should look like.

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