These days, people are finding all new ways to medicate, but we had to wonder – What are the favorites? So, we did some research and here we have it – Let’s take a peek at the Top 5 ways cannabis consumers are getting blazed.

420 Blaze It?

420 Blaze It – Number 5 on the list – Blunts.
In fact, 25% of users claim that the all mighty blunt wrap is their favorite way to roll up. Providing an all-natural shell, the tobacco leaf has been a commonly used natural textile for decades in pot-culture. Also, blunts have been documented as a favorite social way to blaze, giving the ability to roll big and burn slow, there’s no better way to spark a rotation.

420 Blaze It – Next on the list is quite delicious, and it comes in at Number 4 – We’re talking about Edibles.
Dosing with edibles is always a little adventurous; you take it slow and build on your high by slowly adding more into your diet. Cannapreneurs will tell you, an edible high is a totally different ball game. Affecting you on a much more physical level, edibles can be described as providing more of an intense body high than puffing on the plant can produce, which for some, is right up their alley.

420 Blaze It – Number 3 – Smoking a bowl.
This traditional method is one that most beginners and sporadic smokers tend to stick with. It’s quick, clean and to the point. With most pipes being made of glass, users can experience and taste their product without any additional layers of flavor attached, like those from a blunt or wrap. Allowing a quick one hit, or a fully packed session, it’s a convenient and clean way to get blazed.

420 Blaze It – Now, on to our Number 2 preferred pick of the list, Bongs.
Yes, the glass water pipe has made the cut, and we’re not surprised to see it so well liked. For most, one rip will do the trick, and that’s kind of the point when smoking a water pipe. With a large, vase like shape, water pipes can typically pack a major punch when toked, delivering a blast of THC straight to the lungs which usually results in some major coughing. Not to be alarmed, that just means you did it right. Now, hold on tight, you’re about to be blazed.

Have you guessed the Number 1-way people like to medicate yet? If you thought joints, you were correct!

This classic method of sparking up has been around since the beginning of Marijuana, and is still the most preferred way to blaze today! Unlike blunt wraps, the thin, and almost non-existent joint paper allows you to really experience the full flavor profile of your bud, and if you’ve got good rolling skills – keep that flavor burning slow and smooth until your very last puff.

Whatever method is your favorite way to medicate, we’ve got everything you need to make it happen right here at The Spot 420!

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