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Even though weed is legal to consume in Colorado, drug tests are still a part of life for many employed in this beautiful state, and across the country. If you work for an employer that performs regular or random drug tests, then getting weed out of your system is a necessary process to enjoying this healing plant.

A common question we get at our Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries or our Trinidad dispensary is: “how long does weed stay in your system?” And the answer to that varies greatly. But not to fear, it is still possible to get weed out of your system and successfully pass a drug test.

Most drug tests for marijuana are done by testing urine, and these tests are looking for levels of metabolites created from THC tetrahydrocannabinol (THC—the psychoactive effect in marijuana), known as THC-COOH. As your body processes the THC (which actually leaves the body within hours), THC-COOH metabolites are created which remain in the system for much longer. THC-COOH is lipid-soluble and stored in fatty tissue and fat cells.

Other common drug tests take a hair or blood sample and are much more accurate and more difficult to detox for.

How much weed is in your system?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person depending on the amount and frequency of consumption. Regardless of the consumption method, if you’ve consumed weed with THC in it, you’ll have traceable amounts of THC-COOH in your body.

How often do you consume cannabis?

A casual consumer is considered to be someone who smokes or eats edibles one or twice a month. A regular consumer is considered to be someone who smokes or eats edibles multiples times a week, or even daily.

What is your total body fat and how often do you exercise?

No matter how much you consume, THC-COOH is stored in your fatty tissue and fat cells. The more body fat you have will determine how easy it is for your body to store weed. Another factor to consider is how active you are and how often you exercise. More exercise equals fat being used as fuel and potentially increasing the rate of excretion.

How much water do you drink and how fast is your metabolism?

Water is the source of life, health, and detoxing the body of anything, including weed. Drinking plenty of water on a regular basis will maintain a regular excretion of all toxins. Some people naturally have a faster metabolism than others, making it easier for them to get weed out of the system. While you may not know exactly how fast your metabolism is, you can typically determine if you have a fast or slow metabolism by gauging how often you have bowel movements and how soon you are hungry after eating a full meal.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

Once the above factors are considered, you can figure out how long weed will stay in your system. THC is metabolized by the liver and according to a study done by Tehran University Medical Sciences, “more than 65% of cannabis is excreted in the feces and approximately 20% is excreted in the urine. Most of the cannabis (80-90%) is excreted within 5 days.”

For a casual consumer, this can be anywhere from five to ten days. For a regular consumer, this can be between one month, to up to seven weeks.

How Long do Edibles Stay in Your System?

Edibles are a very popular way to consume marijuana and many people who frequent our Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries or our Trinidad dispensary purchase THC edibles. Although you aren’t smoking the THC, it is still converted into THC-COOH and stored in the fat in the body. However, the THC-COOH is processed by the stomach and liver first, storing more of it in the blood than in fat. A 10mg THC edible will take about three to four days to get out of the system—and that’s if you rarely eat edibles.

How to Get Weed Out of Your System

First and foremost, stop consuming marijuana products altogether. The sooner you stop, the sooner you’ll be clear. The half-life for THC metabolites is one week, meaning that 50% of the metabolites will be out of the system in 7 days.

Drink water and exercise to get weed out of your system

Diet, exercise, and water over a consistent period of time are going to be the best bet to get weed out of your system. Detox could take up to 6 weeks depending on your rate of consumption, body mass index (BMI), and lifestyle. Drink tons of water and exercise regularly up to 24 hours before your drug test. When you’re in the 24-hour window, take precautions to not dilute the urine too much as it could result in a retest or suspicion. It’s truly a balancing act.

Take Activated Charcoal and Zinc to get weed out of your system

Some supplements are all-stars at getting weed out of your system.

Activated charcoal is used medically for overdose patients because it binds to toxins and rapidly removes them from the body. You can find activated charcoal pills at any health food store, or you can incorporate it into drinks and food.

Zinc is known to produce false-negative results in urine tests and may cause THC to be undetectable in urine for up to 18 hours. Taking zinc tablets or powder before a urine test will not only boost your immunity but could also save the day.

Use detox drinks to get weed out of your system

There are many popular detoxification products that you can drink that are very effective at helping you pass urine drug tests. These products mask the THC in the urine with vitamins and herbs temporarily. And while we don’t carry any of these products at our Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries or our Trinidad dispensary, they can be purchased online and can work within as fast as 24 hours.

Most Importantly, Don’t Stress

Having to take a drug test after consuming marijuana can be incredibly stressful. But the truth is, stress won’t do anything for your test and will make your life much harder while you detox and wait for the results.

If you have specific questions or just want to talk to an experienced and professional human, stop into The Spot 420 at our Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries or our Trinidad dispensary and we’ll be happy to give you all the advice you need.


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