Cannabis cultivators are really pushing the envelope these days, trying new growing techniques, technologies, and nutrients to reimagine what is possible. Some prefer to grow indoors where they can tweak and perfect conditions according to the needs of the specific plants; others prefer growing cannabis the way nature intended: outside. Both methods, when done correctly, can produce some seriously potent pot.

But, have you ever wondered how to tell good weed from bad weed? How can we tell, only using our pre-smoke observation skills, that cannabis is of high quality? There is truly nothing more annoying than walking into a dispensary, choosing a strain to spend your hard earned money on, and being completely underwhelmed with the results. So, to help you avoid that fate, we’ve summarized three easy steps for identifying good quality cannabis. Plus, we recommend three strains from The Spot 420 to try before summer ends!

3 Ways To Avoid Bad Cannabis Flower

Avoid that dreaded moment of sitting down with the cannabis you just bought, only to find out it’s not even worth the rolling paper you wrapped it in. Never smoke bad weed again with these three easy ways to identify good quality cannabis.

Use Your Sense of Smell And Sight

Sight and smell are two critical senses for identifying high-quality weed. In Colorado, unlike other recreational states like Washington, the law allows recreational and medical cannabis customers the ability to sniff and look at cannabis before they buy. Use this to your advantage! When considering a certain strain of cannabis, look for three things: rich colors, a very aromatic scent, and a frosty finish.

When it comes to scent, you should be able to smell the cannabis calling to you from a mile away! Yes, that is hyperbole, but a pungent aroma is a prerequisite for good quality cannabis. Don’t be afraid to ask your budtender to open the jar and let you take a whiff. Next, take a look at the buds. The colors should be bright green and maybe even purple, but never, ever brown. Brown cannabis means old cannabis that has been oxidized, losing much of its potency and flavor. Finally, look for frosty trichomes. The frostier the buds are, the better. Those trichomes are full of important compounds that will add to the flavor and effects.

Say No to Seeds, Stems, and Leaves

A high-quality bud has to be trimmed correctly. If a bud is full of visible seeds, stems, and leaves, move on to the next option. The fact is these parts of the plant, while useful in their own way, are not going to add to the high. Leaves and stems can be used in tea and extractions, but really won’t do much for you when smoking. And seeds are great if you plan on growing your own marijuana plant, but otherwise, they add unnecessary weight and taste bitter when smoking.

Ask For Lab Test Results

One of the greatest benefits of living or visiting a legal cannabis state like Colorado, it’s that you have access to safe marijuana product backed up by lab results. You never have to guess whether the cannabis you are buying is free of harmful additives, pesticides, and chemicals. Ask your budtender to see the lab results for any products you are thinking of purchasing. It will help you make a confident decision.

Best Marijuana Strains in Colorado

You can find these high-quality strains at our Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries and our Trinidad recreational dispensary. And if none of these are up your alley, ask one of our helpful budtenders to point out some of their favorite strains.

Durban Poison Strain of Cannabis

This is as pure of a Sativa as you can get. Made with a cross between African and Skunk Sativa, Durban Poison will hit you with a THC content between 22.7% and 30.7%. Get ready for a cerebral, energetic, and euphoric high that will hit you quick but last for hours. Using your senses you will immediately notice the nice, round Durban Poison buds, with bright green coloring, and plenty of frosted trichomes that give off a very aromatic scent. It’s a great strain to help you power through a particularly busy day, when you really need to harness your energy. Try this strain before a workout, hike, or any physical activity, or when you need to get the creative juices flowing. Durban Poison will keep you energized all day long!

Afghani Strain of Cannabis

If you are looking for heavy hitting Indica, look no further than our Afghani strain. Afghani’s dense, bright green buds are known worldwide for their high resin content. Do not smoke Afghani unless you are ready for some serious relaxation. This strain is known for a euphoric, but deeply sedating high that, once it fully sets in, will have you wanting to lay down on the nearest couch. Try this strain before bed if you are having a hard time sleeping, for a long Saturday of binge-watching Netflix, or if you are feeling really anxious.

Bear Dance Strain of Cannabis

This is a rare Sativa-dominant hybrid that might just become your new favorite strain. Bear Dance has a unique aroma that is both citrusy and earthy at the same time. The scent is refreshing just like its flavor profile, known for its lemony and minty notes. Bear Dance regularly tests at 18% to 24% THC, a potent hybrid strain that hits quickly and lasts for hours. A few hits of Bear Dance and you will immediately feel its strong effects. Use this strain when you want to have a happy, uplifting high that will keep you giggling and extroverted. Bear Dance is versatile, a perfect substitute for alcohol if you are headed for a night out on the town or just a day spent at home relaxing with friends.


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