If you’re an avid toker, you’ve probably experimented with different ways to get your intake of THC. From smoking it to eating it, we’re constantly inventing new and innovative ways to medicate – but what makes them different? Let’s look at edibles vs. smoking so you can find the right way to toke the next time you want to relax.

Marijuana Edibles vs. Smoking Cannabis – The 420 Showdown

What exactly is the difference between smoking bud and eating marijuana edibles? To ingest or to inhale, that is the question.

Here’s the scoop on sparking up to medicate – First, you’re almost instantly going to feel it. In fact, you should be feeling the full effects of smoking bud within 10 minutes of your first puff. Research shows that up to 60% of THC found in your standard joint is absorbed in your blood plasma, causing you to feel the effects almost instantly. This method, compared to ingesting THC, provides a much shorter high which results in having to medicate more often. Easier to dose and far less intense for most, smoking ganga is a much more easily regulated method to medicate – and quite tasty, if we do say so ourselves.

If you’re craving an edible-alternative, there’s a few things you should know before taking your first bite. Eating Marijuana tends to produce a stronger and much longer-lasting high than smoking it. Just like anything else you ingest, your body metabolizes the THC through your liver, which produces a much more intense high. Also, the time frame in which this occurs is different for everyone – In some cases, patients can go up to 2 hours before feeling the effects of an edible. So, to avoid melting into the floor because you’ve eaten too much, it’s always best to practice the “golden hour of patience” rule after taking your first dose before your next bite.

Which is right for you? Some people who medicate for chronic pain prefer the edible method because of its long-lasting effects and the ability to dose less often. For others, there’s nothing like taking a puff of some gorgeous flowers, providing instant engagement between your brain and the bud. When it’s all said and done, as long as you’re medicating responsibly, the sky is the limit and the flavors are endless!

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