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As this budding industry becomes more and more accepted across the country, you will see a rise of marijuana facts and statistics in the news. If you want to know the truth about cannabis, you’ll have to pay close attention to where the data comes from. What are some of the best facts and statistics on marijuana? We’re glad you asked, because we think you’ll agree, some of the following information is quite surprising!

Our Favorite Marijuana Facts and Statistics

statistics on marijuana

Marijuana Makes Money

Money talks. Marijuana makes more money than many marijuana moguls imagined. Now try saying that baked. In the great state of Colorado, 2015 and 2016 ushered in over a billion dollars per year in the legal weed trade. The boom of money is one reason that states are quickly legalizing cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes. Believe it or not, Colorado makes more tax money on marijuana than on alcohol. Marijuana facts and statistics about the recreational vs. medicinal market are quite staggering.

Marijuana is a Medicinal Miracle

Marijuana helps with so many different types of medical conditions across the board that it is almost impossible to list them all. You may be worried about gaining weight when marijuana gives you the munchies, but if you are ill and your appetite has vanished, getting a healthy appetite back can be a real lifesaver.

Marijuana helps you sleep and sleep is one of the most important factors in good health. Marijuana relieves pain. Anyone with chronic pain knows that being in pain is full-time, destroying quality of life. Relieving that pain allows patients to get back into the swing of their daily routines, fulfill their potential, and contribute to society. It can cure glaucoma, relieves symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease, and even can combat the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Hemp is Humongous

When it comes to what it can do for society, hemp is a true jack of all trades. Hemp is the cannabis plant when it is made without or with very little cannabinoid THC (like less than a percent). If marijuana is the fun-loving party guy, hemp is the guy that works his butt off every day.

Hemp is a renewable source that can be turned into fabric. From there you can make anything you want! It is a soft but sturdy fabric that is perfect for a variety of uses. Hemp oil can make things like beauty products, paint, and fuel. Biofuel can be made from the plant stalk. Hello, energy crisis? Hemp is calling.

The material can also be turned into products such as mulch, insulation, fiberboard, concrete, canvas, carpet, rope, and netting. It’s also worth mentioning that, according to, every hemp plant grown could save as many as 12 trees.

Weed Products & Gifts are Everywhere

In the past, unless it was like 1970 and you were into making homemade gifts, cannabis-themed gifts were hard to find. That is no longer true! You can now find a plethora of weed-related gifts for all holidays and occasions. From jewelry to cookbooks to clothing to décor, you can find anything you need. Why not pick up a 420 graphic t-shirt boasting about the positive marijuana facts and statistics?


Weed Makes You Smarter

Carlton University released a study that made moderate smokers stand up and say: “Ha!” They found that moderate smokers had higher IQs than non-smokers. This may be one of the most surprising statistics on marijuana we’ve found.

Unfortunately, heavy smokers didn’t rank quite as well. So, as with all other wonderful things in this world, moderation is key.

Weed Has Many Names

All drugs have “nicknames” or “street names” but weed may far outweigh all other drugs in this category. The list of alternate names for marijuana could probably build us a ramp to the moon.

Here are several of the best 420 / cannabis terms …

…ganja, bud, dank, grass, herb, Mary Jane, pot, dope, reefer chronic, big green nugs, kind, wacky tobaccy, and skunk.

And a few of the weirdest …

the baba, dagga squall, puff, Astro turf, Texas tea, stink weed, and broccoli.

Whatever you call it, you know you love it.

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THC is Getting Stronger

You can definitely say that the weed you smoke is not your daddy’s weed. That is because according to the DEA’s statistics on marijuana, THC levels were, on average, 4% in 1995 compared to an average of 12% in 2014. Often, growers distributing to dispensaries in Colorado will increase the levels of THC in their strains so that they can charge you more green for more potency.

Marijuana Allergies are Real

You have probably never thought about the fact that you can be allergic to marijuana. It is almost too sad to even consider. As with other plants and herbs, however, you can experience sneezing, a runny nose, and more if you develop an allergy to marijuana.

Marijuana Legalization is Rising

Marijuana helps us with pain and reduces anxiety. It can make get-togethers with friends even more enjoyable. It allows for peaceful, deep conversations. The increase in support for legalization of marijuana in recent years has significantly produced more marijuana facts and statistics for us to consider.

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More Marijuana Facts and Statistics

Are you interested in learning more about the legalization of marijuana in the U.S., discovering more marijuana facts and statistics, or reading current marijuana news, be sure to check out the rest of The Spot 420’s blog or stop by our Colorado recreational dispensaries.

Marijuana has the capacity to make life better in numerous ways. And that is a fact.

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