It seems that in today’s society, everyone knows at least one person who smokes Marijuana. The once frowned upon topic is now getting its well-deserved time in the spotlight, and as the industry continues to grow, a star is being born. Let’s look at marijuana in the media and why its perception matters in the fight for legalization everywhere.

A Look at Marijuana in the Media

Let’s start with how the media used to portray pot. Who remembers the cult classic, Reefer Madness? Basically, it’s old school anti-drug propaganda that was used to give an entirely crazy outlook on the harms that “Marijuana” can bring to those who use it. It caused an uproar spreading its false truths about the use of cannabis, however now, is considered to be a classic stoner flick you don’t want to watch sober. Remember the crazy commercials that show a guy turning into a giant blob on the couch next to his girlfriend? Or how about the one where the dog actually throws the dude a look of disappointment as he tokes up and melts into a puddle on the floor. You won’t find many ads like this running on TV anymore. In fact, it’s hard to remember the last time one was on. These days, pot is everywhere. It’s grown from the ground up and has really begun to branch itself out through many different outlets of the media.

The booming business of cannabis isn’t just about the plant anymore; it’s network programing, scripted and non-scripted entertainment, lyrics to your music, the face of your favorite celebrity or musician, and probably what you’re doing while you read this blog. Remember when it seemed liked it was just Snoop Dog lighting up in public? Now, you’ve got everyone from Miley Cyrus to Betty White indorsing cannabis. In the last 10 years we’ve seen a 3,000% increase of Marijuana exposure in the media. From the televisions shows, to social media channels and movies, pot has become a trending topic that’s almost everywhere you look.

You’ve got to wonder though – Are the benefits of Marijuana seemingly becoming so well known, that people are actually proud to endorse it? Or, is the media taking advantage of the opportunity to push the next big pharmaceutical money-train so hard, that everything we know involving entertainment has the ability to glorify it. Either way, we’re happy it’s here.

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