Society is shifting, and it’s towards the acceptance of┬ámedical cannabais and marijuana. As a whole, we’re beginning to understand and welcome the amazing health benefits it provides. While recreational pot use remains a controversial topic, it has also proven to be a progressive topic that many people believe that the drug should be legal for medical use. Why? Well, let’s break down some of the most conclusive facts on what we know MMJ is already doing to improve the quality of life for patients across the country.

What Does the Research Say About Medical Cannabis

Since the 1970’s, researchers have linked the relief of glaucoma to cannabis use. In fact, we learned that when smoked, marijuana lowered intraocular pressure (IOP) in people suffering from glaucoma. It’s no cure, but it has been documented to provide substantial relief for those who medicate regularly to treat it.

Through research, we’ve learned that the THC found in pot binds to receptors in our nervous system and muscles to relieve pain. So, it makes sense that when 30 multiple sclerosis patients underwent a study to see how effective cannabis was at treating their symptoms, they found that smoking marijuana relieved a great amount of pain and discomfort. What else did we learn? The same patients did not respond to other treatments as being nearly effective to provide the same relief as pot did.

The steady decrease in symptoms of a severe seizure disorder known as Dravet’s Syndrome have been making headlines more recently. In severe cases of the disorder, marijuana has shown to decrease seizures from 300 a week to just one or two a week in patients who have suffered with the debilitating disorder on a daily basis. Studies have shown that using cannabis as a treatment causes the cannabidiol in the plant to interact with the brain cells, quieting the excessive activity in the brain which causes the seizures, therefore providing a stable platform for other brain functions to take place on.

As we become more educated on the benefits of medical cannabis, we’re reminded of the amazing qualities and still unknown perks this pretty-plant┬ápossesses. One thing’s for sure, Marijuana is making its mark with every spark.

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