How to Experiment with Microdosing Marijuana: Benefits Without the Buzz

Microdosing marijuana is a growing trend that has major benefits without a super obvious or inhibiting buzz. Another growing trend in cannabis is to reach higher and higher potency of THC in strains. Some strains can contain upwards of 20% THC, which can definitely put you on your ass if you’re not careful.

Microdosing marijuana is a wonderful way to gain the benefits of cannabis in a gentle way using the minimum effective dose. Just a little bit goes a long way and can still greatly affect you, just not in the way that you’re so high you can barely talk—which can definitely happen to some with these super potent strains.

Regardless of the potency of the strain, microdosing marijuana can be done with any type of cannabis, from concentrates to edibles, and flower to vape. 

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is taking a dose that is much lower than a regular dose of any “drug.” The dose is so low that it’s unlikely to produce inhibition or whole-body effects. Microdosing is very common with psychedelics and hallucinogens like LSD, but can also easily be done with cannabis.

Rather than taking a huge hit from a pipe, bong, vape or dab, or eating an entire 10mg edible, microdosing is taking a fraction of that and allowing the subtle effects to still work through the body, without a major impact to normal functioning. 

Most people are accustomed to taking the biggest hit possible, holding it in for as long as possible, and just working with whatever happens next. WIth the high potency of THC in cannabis now, however, it’s hard to know what you’re getting into it you didn’t purchase it from a dispensary yourself, creating a reaction that could potentially be more than you bargained for.

With microdosing, however, it is a very controlled and gentle way to experience cannabis and still experience the medical benefits of THC, CBD and the full spectrum of cannabinoids. 

Microdosing cannabis can be used to assist with symptoms including depression, stress, anxiety, pain, and to help improve focus and promote sleep. Just a little bit goes a long way and there are many advocates in the medical field who prescribe cannabis in very small amounts to treat these symptoms. 

Cannabis, THC particularly, can intensify feelings for some. Taking normal sensation to a high level. In a study conducted in 2012, patients with advanced cancer who had been unresponsive to opioid painkillers were given different doses of cannabis. From low, medium, and high doses, patients reports the most pain reduction at the lowest dose, and a higher sensation of pain at the highest dose. 

If you’re looking for the “high” feeling, obviously the highest dose will get you there. But if you’re looking for the medical benefits and to be able to go on with your day and operate like a normal human, well then microdosing is the answer. 

How to find your the ideal doses of THC to microdose cannabis?

Everyone is different and will experience cannabis differently. Something that works for one person may not work for another, and this is also dependant on the percentage of THC. 

It is easiest to control the dosage in an edible, making this the best option for microdosing. Inhaling cannabis can easily result in consuming too much, and not being able to properly control the intake. The standard dose of an edible is 10mg.

How do you microdose marijuana?

Starting low and slow with an edible or tincture is the best way to gauge what dosage hits the sweet spot and what may be too much. Once you know your spectrum of tolerance in reference to the effect you’re looking for, then you’ll be able to repeat the dosage again to obtain the same effect. The key here is to test until you feel nearly nothing—no body or head high and the ability to function normally as if you didn’t take anything at all. You’re not trying to get stoned, and while that may feel like it goes against everything you’ve ever known about cannabis, that’s where the real magic happens.

Once you know where the baseline is for you, maintain that dosage for a few days before you change anything. Your tolerance will build, but if you don’t want to increase the dosage as you progress in your microdosing journey, you can very well stay right at that baseline. 

Homemade edibles are not a recommended way to microdose as they are untested and the amount of THC is impossible to gauge. Buying from a trusted dispensary is the best way to go, whether you’re drawn to tincture, oil, or edible. 

Combining THC with CBD created a well-rounded effect that has many medicinal benefits. A 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD is the way to go, and you can find many edibles that already contain this ratio. 

Many dispensaries carry edibles that are already at a low microdose level and with a 1:1 ratio. This is the most trusted and reliable way to start this journey. The only thing to keep in mind with edibles is that it can take up to an hour to feel anything. While the point with microdosing is to feel as little as possible, there is still a period where you won’t know if the edible has taken effect yet or not. These products are perfect for first-timers or someone who consumes cannabis very irregularly. 

When we approach microdosing THC as a maintenance and preventative action, it’s akin to taking a daily vitamin. Our society is becoming more comfortable with the widespread legalization and use of cannabis, but there’s still a long road ahead before it is fully accepted. Medical marijuana has incredible benefits and there are hundreds of thousands of patients in the US who can attest to that. By working more on bringing the benefits of cannabis to light, through microdosing and the responsible consumption of cannabis in general, then we can all make great strides to bring the medicinal plant to the masses. 

If you’re curious about microdosing or the effects of cannabis and want to talk to a professional and experienced bud tender and browse our selection of edibles, tinctures, and other products, stop into The Spot 420, serving Colorado with dispensaries in Pueblo, Pueblo West, and Trinidad. We would be honored to help you along in your microdosing journey and ensure that you are well taken care of.

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