There are all sorts of new cannabis products on the market, but there are few as potent as Moon Rock concentrates. Moon Rocks, known by a few names including cannabis caviar, pack a serious punch and are a must try for serious cannabis consumers and patients.

What are moon rocks?

Moon rocks are made from a dense nug of cannabis dipped in hash oil, then coated in kief. Typical cannabis strains have up to 30% THC, but moon rocks register at 50% THC or more! That amount of THC will give anyone a serious high, even the most experienced tokers.

How did this crazy new marijuana product come about?

It’s nearly impossible to track their exact origin. But their rise in popularity is often credited to Kurupt, the LA-based rapper, entrepreneur and former Executive Vice President of Death Row Records. Kurupt, in conjunction with fellow rapper Dr. Zodiak, created a branded version called “Kurupt’s Moonrock” that have gained fame throughout the cannabis industry.

How to make moon rocks?

The best part about moon rocks, besides how high they get you, is that they are one of the easiest cannabis concentrate products to make at home!

The first step in making cannabis moon rocks at home is picking a nice, dense nug of your favorite cannabis strain. There is no specific Moon Rocks strain you have to use. While Kurupt’s Moonrocks are made from the strain Girl Scout Cookies, any type of dense nug can be used to make these at home. Check out The Spot 420’s full list of strains here to choose the perfect one for you.

Next, paint or soak the bud in hash oil. Then, roll the soaked bud in kief. Finally, let sit for 12-24 hours and remember the wait will be well worth your patience!

What is the difference between Sun Rocks and Moon Rocks?

As if Moon Rocks weren’t strong enough, they have an even more potent friend called Sun Rocks. These babies have a pretty serious reputation, scaring off even the most famous and experienced stoners in the world, including Snoop Dogg himself!

Sun Rocks weigh in with up to 80% THC, compared to the 50% in Moon Rocks. That is a serious concentration to get you stoned.

Sun Rocks are typically made with all products from OG strains and are coated in concentrate wax, rather than hash oil.

How to make Sun Rocks?

The process of making Sun Rocks is very similar to Moon Rocks. Sun Rocks are typically made exclusively with products derived from OG strains, but other strains will also work for an at-home version. The Spot 420 has six different OG strains for you to choose from.

Start with a dense bud. Take the bud and coat it in a sticky concentrate, like cannabis wax or other CO2 concentrate.

Finally, roll the bud around in kief. It’s best to let the Sun Rock set for a few hours, but Sun Rocks do not require the extensive drying time that Moon Rocks require.

How to smoke Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks?

To break up your Rocks, use your hands or cut them with scissors. Do not place these rocks into your grinder. A grinder will dismantle your kief coated buds, and the concentrate or hash oil may make your grinder too sticky for future use.

Toke them up using your favorite combustion smoking utensil like a pipe or bong, or sprinkle on top of a bowl. Because they are so potent, it’s smart to mix them with regular cannabis rather than consuming an entire helping of just Moon Rocks or Sun Rocks.

Take it from Snoop Dogg, who says, “If I do it, I take it and I sprinkle it into some regular weed. You can’t just do it by itself, it can’t just be MoonRock solo.”

When smoking Moon Rocks or Sun Rocks, think of them like an extremely potent dab. Go slow when you first start to make sure you have the best experience possible! When dosed correctly, these can make for an excellent, pure high full of awesome flavor.

For a truly memorable experience, smoke some Moon Rocks with friends under the next full moon!


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