Back in the day, we were used to picking cannabis seeds out with the stems. If you missed one, you certainly knew it after sparking up. Today, you’re more than likely not going to come across any cannabis seeds in your freshly purchased quarter of potent bud. Growers are on top of their game when it comes to retaining their next generation of crop. However, there’s always that chance you’ll find one – And if you do, here’s what you need to know.

Cannabis Seeds Can Show You How a Plant Will Grow

Cannabis seeds can predict a lot of what’s to look forward to with the growth process of the plant. It contains the “genotype” or genetic code which provides the best insight in bringing your plant to the cultivation stage. This DNA is often a hybrid of genetics from the two most recognized cannabis subspecies: Sativa and Indica. You’ll also be able to tell whether you’re working with a male or female plant, which is important in the early stages of growth and cultivation.

These days, there are thousands of variations of cannabis seeds you can purchase that are ready to grow. From the famous OG’s to the notorious branded strands, there’s certainly a seed for whatever you need. If you’re trying your luck at the cultivation game for the first time, go easy on yourself. There’s certainly a ‘green thumb’ of sorts needed to harvest the dank buds we all love.

Did you know that we could feasibly grow weed in space? A little optimistic, but it’s possible. It’s all about the marijuana seed as the cannabis seed has an amazing shelf life. Research shows that keeping your seeds stored in a dry, dark and airtight container can preserve them for years without impacting the quality of your bud. Marijuana can be grown anywhere. Already such a remarkable plant for outdoor growing, we’ve now mastered the art of indoor growing.

While we are on the topic of indoor growing, The Spot 420 will soon be offering Cannabis Tours hosted by widely respected growers Rasta Jeff and Jon Verna. These tours will take place in our 20,000 SQFT under roof facility. We will be holding the tours hourly each day and covering the topics of the marijuana plant cycle from seed to sale including the technologies used to cultivate them. Keep an eye on our announcements, coming soon.

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