Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to put the kids to bed – We’re talking sexy-time.

For centuries, cultures from all around the globe have been experimenting with cannabis and the amazing effects it can have on the body. With the growth of modern day cannabis use, we’ve began to see new and innovative ways that companies are beginning to do just that – Use pot. Of course, it would only make sense that some of these unprecedented products are reserved for adults only, and we’re about to dive in.

That’s a mighty big pipe you’ve got there? Now, you can toke and uh, poke? The Peter Piper Pecker Puffer is a unique new way to pleasure yourself or a loved one, all the while getting blazed. We know, it sounds a little wild, but fans of this forbidden fruit shaped piece say that it really does bring together sexual pleasure and cannabis in an entirely new way.

This next product goes out to cannapreneur, Karyn Wagner, who had a dream and found a way to make it happen. All it took was a little soil, green thumb, and there you have it – Sexxpot. This low-level THC strain has been crafted in a way that allows users to tap into a euphoric high, removing all inhibitions and heightening sensations all over the body. Think of it as a glass of red wine before hitting the sheets, it puts you in that one mode; you know which mode we’re talking about – The naughty one.

Last but definitely not least, we bring you a product for the ladies – Foria. This cannabis infused potion is designed to heighten sexual pleasure and stimulation in the most sexually sensitive parts of the user’s body. Here’s the best part, anyone can enjoy this product, even if you’re doing it solo! Technically, the lube was designed with women in mind, but men have also reported some seriously mind-blowing effects as well. Fans of the product have spoken, and Foria lube is perfect for amplifying sexual pleasure with another person, or all by yourself.

So, the next time you’re looking for a new way to turn up the heat in the bedroom – Go green.

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