Have you heard about the legal cannabis life and interested in planning a pot vacation to Colorado? You’re certainly not the only one!

Canna-tourism is becoming a larger part of Colorado’s appeal, with the Colorado Tourism Office noting 49% of people surveyed say Colorado’s cannabis laws have influenced their decision to visit. Thanks to the rise in people planning pot vacations in
Colorado, creative entrepreneurs have built a world of top notch 420 friendly activities and accommodations for you to experience.

Planning a pot vacation to Colorado can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Colorado law doesn’t allow public consumption, so it’s important to find legal events and venues to try all the great cannabis products Colorado has to offer without taking a public consumption fine home with you.

To make it easy for you to plan your Colorado pot vacation, we’ve assembled a list of tips to help get you started.



How To Plan The Perfect Pot Vacation To Colorado

420 friendly hotel pool

420 Friendly Hotels & Accommodations

Days Inn,
Pueblo, Colorado

The Pueblo Days Inn location is a standard hotel option but allows cannabis in vape-friendly rooms. The hotel has a free continental breakfast for any munchies after your morning smoke sesh and is a quick drive from Lake Pueblo State Park and other local attractions.

Boulder Crescent Inn and Hostel
Colorado Springs, Colorado

This cute Victorian-style inn is in walking distance to downtown Colorado Springs. Choose a suite, or save money with hostel-style rooms. The best part? The Inn is totally 420-friendly, with a discreet 420 lounge on the third floor of the property, aptly named the “Cannabis Cove”.

Steam Train Hotel
Antonito, Colorado

This historic, small hotel has specific 420-friendly rooms! When making a reservation, make sure you specify that you plan to partake in cannabis. As they mention on their website, only vaporizers can be used inside the rooms and they rent vaporizers right from the front desk!

Two Fox Cabins
La Veta, Colorado

These adorable cabins are just 45 minutes from Pueblo, in the Cuchara Valley. Stay in one of the rustic cabins and enjoy nearby hiking, fishing, and incredible views. Rent a full cabin, some small enough for two and others large enough for a group, or just a room in their inn. If you want a waterfront view, they have newly built cabins right on the river for just $115 per night.

Marijuana Plant on Grow Tour

Best Dispensary To Visit

The Spot 420 has two easy access locations in Trinidad and Pueblo, taking care of your southern Colorado dispensary needs. The Spot 420 has one of the greatest selections, with over 100 edibles, 25 top quality cannabis strains, 100 concentrates and all the smoking gear and accessories you’ll need for your pot vacation to Colorado.

With knowledgeable and kind budtenders, you’ll feel comfortable asking all your questions about their wide selection of cannabis products.

420 grow room tour

FREE Marijuana Grow Room and Facility Tours

In addition, The Spot 420 offers FREE marijuana grow room and facility tours. Take a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to run a large-scale, legal cannabis operation. A free tour means you can save your money to try all sorts of new cannabis products from their store.

420 journal and other packing items for 420 vacation

What To Bring

Clothing Layers
Colorado summers are some of the most beautiful in the country, but weather can change quickly and drastically. As the saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, just wait five minutes.”  Afternoons are typically hot in the summer, but the temperature drops drastically at night. In the winter, sunny days can quickly give way to snow or hail storms.

When most people think of Colorado, they think snowy mountains, not sunscreen. But, the high altitude makes UV rays more intense. With every 1,000 feet you go above Sea Level, ultraviolet exposure gets more intense by 4 to 10 percent.

Comfortable Shoes
Colorado has some of the nation’s most beautiful outdoor scenes, something you’ll definitely want to experience while in town. Whether it’s local, state or federal parks, the foothills or the mountain peaks, you will definitely want to spend time in nature. Avoid ruining your high with sore feet or a blister by coming prepared with comfortable shoes.

Not Your Pipes, Bongs, Grinders
Leave your paraphernalia at home! You don’t want to travel to Colorado or out of Colorado with used paraphernalia because it could get you in trouble in non-legal states. You can up a cheap pipe when you arrive as a throwaway. Then pick up some of the best cannabis smoking devices to bring home with you and keep them clean until you get there.  The Spot 420 will have all the necessities when you stop in.

beer and pizza

Best Places To Eat

We recommend these places to eat during your pot vacation to Colorado.

Bella Luna Pizzeria
Trinidad, Colorado

There are few combinations better than weed and pizza! Bella Luna’s hand-tossed crust is wood fired in an oven right in the middle of the restaurant. Grab a couple pizzas with every topping option you can imagine and a couple of salads for a hefty bite before exploring Trinidad Lake State Park.

La Forchetta da Massi
Pueblo, Colorado

Perfect for a nice dinner out, this Italian gem in Pueblo makes some of the best pasta in Southern Colorado. The restaurant is cozy but modern, with a full bar and even fuller menu. Get your fill of all the Italian classics and finish your meal with homemade limoncello. This place packs up fast, so be sure to make a reservation!

Rocco’s Riverside Deli
Pueblo, Colorado

Don’t let the exterior fool you, this place is a go-to spot to satiate your munchies. Get delicious sandwiches, with homemade breads, wraps, salads and more. There is even a drive through if you need to grab food to go before an epic hike in Southern Colorado or a few sandwiches for a day at Lake Pueblo.

The Hanging Tree
Pueblo, Colorado

For all the vegetarians out there, this spot is for you! They have plenty of vegetarian dishes, including a Portobello Philly that looks out of this world, and tons of options for meat-lovers as well. They have a huge non-alcoholic beverage selection, with dozens of teas, smoothies and Italian cream sodas that will give your taste buds a ride without affecting your high like alcohol can.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

This unassuming restaurant cooks up some of the most authentic Mexican food in southern Colorado. Try some of their street tacos or enchiladas, both made with fresh, handmade tortillas. Fast and casual, this is a great spot for a quick lunch. But come hungry, their portions are huge.

The Royal Gorge Bridge

Things To Do In Pueblo, Colorado

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Between Pueblo and Trinidad is the Great Sand Dunes, National Park. These Sand Dunes are the tallest in North America and won’t disappoint. The park is open 24 hours a day, with plenty of activities. Sled down the huge dunes, or go for a hike and splash around the Medano Creek.

Pueblo River Walk & Union Avenue Historic District
One of the main attractions in Pueblo is the town’s River Walk. Walk (or ride in a gondola boat) along the Arkansas River in downtown Pueblo, stopping at cool, local shops and restaurants along the way. There are events along the River Walk all year long, from live music to fireworks, so be sure to check out their event calendar.

Lake Pueblo State Park
This is a fishing hot spot in Southern Colorado, but it’s also home to tons of fun outdoor activities. Pack a few edibles or a vape pen and spend a long day by the beautiful lake hiking, watching the wildlife, kayaking, horseback riding and more.

Pueblo Zoo
This zoo is home to more than 420 animals (no pun intended) including Red Pandas and a three-legged otter named Thelma! Spend a day with exotic wildlife and getting to understand the Pueblo Zoo’s conservation efforts.

The Royal Gorge Bridge
Known as the “Grand Canyon of Colorado”, this magnificent feat of nature is just an hour drive from Pueblo and can easily take up an entire day of exploring. Walk along the epic Royal Gorge Bridge, take an aerial gondola ride, or for the brave at heart, ride the Cloudscraper Zip Line or Royal Rush Skycoaster, all while enjoying incredible 360-degree views. During the warm months, outdoor concerts and events are held at the breathtaking Plaza Theater, so be sure to check out their activities calendar.

We hope to see you soon on your pot vacation to Colorado! 

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