Cannabis and the queer community have long been united in activism. 

World Pride is a beautiful celebration of the struggles, violence, and rights of the community that is centered on both honoring the past and looking to the future. The community wasn’t always embraced as they are now, as many of us can remember. The same can be said for the cannabis community, however, and now these two communities are repping each other, hard. 

The intersection between cannabis and the LGBTQIA+ community truly began during the AIDS crisis in the early 1980s. Everyone was dying and weed was one of the only things that helped those infected. The relief they experienced was unlike any pharmaceutical medicine available. And so the union began.

Fast forward to the summer of 2020 where the US saw a huge win for the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies as the Supreme Court ruled against the administration, making it illegal to terminate an individual’s employment based on their sexual preferences or identification. This representation for diversity acceptance and legal protection in the workplace is massive, and it is coupled by cannabis being legalized and available in more states than ever recreationally and medicinally.

Conversely, the cannabis industry is grossly lacking in diversity. There are many BIPOC locked up for nonviolent cannabis offenses while the industry is dominated by white folks. Bringing diversity into the conversation with the LGBTQIA+ community is important for both parties. Seeing queer-own comapnies int he cannabis industry is something many probably never saw coming. This intersection of communities is inspiring a wave of queer entrepreneurship. 

We’re all for it! The creativity, integrity, and ingenuity coming from queer-owned cannabis businesses is inspiring. 

Pride and Cannabis

The demand for craft cannabis, unique products, and fresh looks from the cannabis industry has been roaring for a while now. As soon as cannabis was legalized recreationally in several states, growers and entrepreneurs started thinking outside the box. What once was weed in a bag and a gummy edible burst into a whole new industry of creative products and new ways to consume an ancient plant. 

This burst of creativity infused the cannabis market with products that no one had ever seen before. And when paired with the LGBTQIA+ community, this was a match made in heaven. In addition to very little representation of POCs in the cannabis industry, the LGBTQIA+ community is represented even less. By linking these two worlds with mutual support and creative juices, intersectional magic was made.

Many say the commonality between the two communities goes way back. And according to the 2010 General Social Survey, 65% of gay and lesbian respondents supported cannabis legalization, with that number growing to 80% in 2016. 

For many belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community and using cannabis were both taboos that very few talked about with family and friends. Now, these two vital communities are rising up and having fun doing it together.

6 Queer Owned Cannabis Companies

Supporting LGBTQIA+ owned companies cannabis is important and vital—and this should be done year-round. There are many companies that are queer owned and opearated, and we’d like to highlight them and their allies who are doing great work in the cannabis industry. 

  1. Sonder
    This wife-and-wife owned high-quality vape brand grows cannabis in the California sun with a psychedelic branding vibe that doesn’t disappoint. The oil cartridges are designed to cater to different desires with an emphasis on starting with the right ingredients.
  2. Calexo
    With “Bring a Smile to Your Mind” as their tagline, you know you’re in for a treat with Calexo. What started as an experiment turned into a thriving and effervescent cannabis beverage company. A great alternative to alcohol, there are 10mg of THC in wach 22 oz bottle. 
  3. Madame Munchie
    If you love macarons you’ll love Madame Munchie. Inspired by the female owner’s time in France, these high-quality edibles are an adult cannabis lover’s dream. Madame Munchie won Best Edible at the 2014 High Times Cup and the brand has only gotten better since then. 
  4. Peak Extracts
    Developed to help alleviate symptoms of Crohn’s disease, this queer women-owned brand has a popular strain-specific line as well as salves, concentrates, cartridges, and chocolates. Located in Oregon, Peak Extracts was the first woman-owned brand in the state. 
  5. Wings of Wellness
    This medical marijuana delivery service in Southern California was founded by Leon Mostovoy, a trans man who focuses on carrying some of the most popular brands. You can order directly through Weedmaps and find your favorite brands to be delivered straight to your door.
  6. Pride Wellness
    A sort of sister brand to Wings of Wellness, Pride Wellness was co-founded by Mostovoy and another trans man named Buck Angel. This brand of prerolls also donates $1 for each joint sold to the Los Angeles LGBT Center, raising $4,000 is 2019.

In addition to these LGBTQIA+ owned cannabis companies, there are of course many queer allies within the cannabis industy. 

Celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community is something that should be done everyday, not just in the month of June. And using your dollar to support companies that you trust, believe in, and want to see grow is the best way to use your money for good. Supporting diversity in an industry that is lacking diversity will help open more opportunities for marginalized people. 

And of course, we invite you to come into our LGBTQIA+ friendly dispensary in Pueblo and Trinidad, Colorado. We’ll help you navigate all the amazing brands and send you home with a smile in your mind.

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