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MarQaha Tincture

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Infused tincture available in CBD:THC, Sativa, Blend, Indica, CBD


MarQaha Tinctures, known for manufacturing high-quality marijuana infused tinctures, provide an easy method for consuming cannabis. These infused tinctures are available in a variety of types, including THC, CBD, Sativa, Blend and Indica. A cannabis tincture can be easy stored in your medicine cabinet, pocket or bookbag. The THC infusions in MarQaha Tinctures – also named TinQtures — deliver a well-rounded high while the CBD offers physiological benefits. You can also mix these cannabis tinctures with your favorite drink mixers to craft tasty and refreshing beverages. MarQaha’s infused tinctures are among many brands of cannabis tinctures sold for recreational consumption at The Spot 420.

Landfills do not need medicine containers. We encourage our customers to take their MMJ vials and ship them away. Please click here for more details.
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