Running while high? We keep it pretty active here in the state of Colorado. All year long Coloradans gear up for fun forms of exercise, from snowboarding, to hiking, biking, or climbing. And with legal marijuana on the scene, people are realizing cannabis and exercise are a great match.

If you’ve ever tried smoking weed before running, you probably know exactly what we’re talking about – Running while high is GREAT. There is an interesting connection between smoking weed and running performance that can tell us a lot about the effects of cannabis on endurance.

Running and Marijuana: How Weed Can Help You Exercise 

Smoking weed and running might sound like a silly combination because cannabis has been seen as something that makes you lazy, unmotivated, and hungry. It’s a classic stereotype prevalent in movies, anti-drug commercials, and television shows. But that is quickly changing!

There has been interesting research conducted on one question: Does smoking weed affect cardio endurance? There are plenty of anecdotal stories of athletes using cannabis before exercise and for recovery after. But what does the science say about the real relationship between running and marijuana?

The cannabis plant is made up of chemical compounds called cannabinoids, like THC and CBD. Mammals, including humans, produce their own natural chemical compounds very similar to those found in cannabis, called endocannabinoids. Both plant-based and naturally produced cannabinoids are processed by and interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), a complex network of receptors all throughout the body.

The ECS plays a role in many biological processes that are big factors in athletic performance, including pain, pleasure and reward, motor control, and mood. The impact of the ECS on endurance is particularly apparent in the phenomenon known as a “runner’s high”. This takes place when an experienced athlete reaches a state of euphoria during prolonged exercise.

For a long time, researchers and athletes alike thought the sensation was the result of endorphins, feel-good chemicals, being released in the brain. But the National Academy of Sciences says otherwise.

In a study they recently published, researchers looked at the role cannabis plays in the runner’s high. Sure enough, researchers found that this sensation is not the result of endorphins, but rather an endocannabinoid known as Anandamide, which our bodies naturally make. Anandamide happens to have an almost identical chemical structure to THC, the cannabinoid that makes us feel high and happy. Some researchers believe that ingesting THC before exercise could trick the brain into a runner’s high earlier in the workout.

So cannabis can make exercise more enjoyable, but can it do anything else for your athletic routine? A study published by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology shows cannabis can be an effective temporary bronchodilator when vaporized, increasing lung volume and airflow, all making it easier to breathe.

Sound too good to be true? Try it out for yourself!

Beyond Jogging While High: Other Exercises to Try With Cannabis

Jogging high is just one of many exercises that can be elevated by a little help from weed. If you’ve been running after smoking weed for a while now, it’s time to switch up the routine.


You may have heard of a certain Olympic-record shattering swimmer named Michael Phelps. You may also remember that one time he got caught smoking pot and the entire world freaked out. Turns out, he may be onto something. While running and marijuana are a winning match, swimming after smoking weed is an easy second.

Pair it With:

Drown out the stress of the world and stay focused on your stroke with a long-lasting Sativa edible from District Edibles. These gummies are made with high-quality CO2 oil and will give a boost of energy, focus, and euphoria. You can purchase District Edibles at The Spot 420’s Pueblo dispensary or Trinidad dispensary.


Yoga and cannabis make total sense together. Both of them can help you focus on the present moment, fight stress, and alleviate pain. Yoga teaches us to follow our breath, and cannabis can actually help open up the breathing passages, making it easier to breathe. Using cannabis before or during yoga can really bring you into alignment.

Pair it With:

According to research, cannabis acts as a breathing-enhancer when vaporized rather than smoked. So try a high-quality vape pen that will be easy on your lungs, like these Dixie Disposable Vape pens. Try it in the hybrid variety for an energetic but relaxed high. You can find these at our Pueblo recreational dispensary and Trinidad recreational dispensary.

Weight Lifting

Oddly enough, weightlifting and smoking weed can be pretty synergistic activities. The right strain and cannabis product can really help you focus on your form and be in tune with your body. THC and CBD also have pain relieving properties that can help fight away aching muscles.

Pair it With:

For weight lifting, you’ll want a Sativa with a punch like our Soma Sour Diesel. It will leave you feeling energized, euphoric, but focused. It’s fast-acting, a perfect pre-workout pick me up. It’ll be hard to find this strain at any other Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries or dispensaries in Trinidad, but The Spot 420 has you covered.

Let us know your favorites stores about running while high or your experiences with 420 exercise?


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