Elon Musk made quite a stir in the news recently for claiming that cannabis isn’t good for productivity. His comment, while probably offhanded and not intentionally demeaning, brings up a long-held stereotype about cannabis and its users that we can’t seem to shake. Americans still believe cannabis is a drug that wreaks havoc on productivity and renders its users lazy. In too many minds, stoners are destined to lay on the couch all day, eating unhealthy food, and avoid social interaction.

But this stereotype is far from the truth! Early evidence that shows cannabis can be a positive influence on productivity in certain situations. Just as there are many strains to help you wind down and relax after a long day, there are many cannabis strains for productivity that can get you moving through that to-do list like a champ. We’ll outline some of the best cannabis strains and edibles for focus, all available at our Pueblo recreational dispensary and our Trinidad recreational dispensary.

Does Weed Help Productivity?

Of course, not all cannabis is the same and not every person will react the same way to each product. There are specific types for every occasion and we are just beginning to really map what weed strain is best for different conditions and needs. When it comes to getting and staying focused, most cannabis consumers would opt for a Sativa strain that will raise your heartbeat and keep you energized.

Understanding the science behind cannabis as a tool for productivity is something researchers are still looking into. But initial trials, including two done in Germany, show promise for cannabis as an alternative ADD and ADHD treatment. Typical ADD and ADHD medicine, like Ritalin, work by influencing the dopamine balance in the brain to make sure it isn’t overwhelmed with information. Ritalin does this by binding with dopamine, keeping the chemical that makes us feel happy from deteriorating. That means more dopamine is preserved in the brain, a good thing for focus.

Cannabis shows promise as an alternative treatment for ADHD because of its relationship with dopamine as well. While it does it in a different way than Ritalin, cannabis also makes dopamine for bioavailable in the brain. This is part of the reason why marijuana can cause euphoria, melt away stress, and help you focus. Here is our list for the best Sativa strains list – To help you focus.

Best Sativa Strains List For Focus

Super Sour Lemon Strain

This is super popular Sativa strain at both our dispensary in Pueblo, CO and our Trinidad, Colorado dispensary and it will start your day off on the right foot! As soon as you catch a whiff of this sativa-dominant, the first thing you will notice are the bright lemon, lime, and apple aromas that can instantly put you in a good mood. Twist Super Sour Lemon into a joint or use a bong and you’ll feel the effects almost instantly. The high is cerebral and relaxing, helping you focus on that presentation or project you have been putting off.

Sour Somali Strain

This balanced Sativa strain will help you keep a level head during a stressful and busy day. If you tend to be an anxious person or are particularly anxious about a something at work, Sour Somali can help relieve the anxiety with its calming effects. The nice thing about this strain is its ability to help you unwind, while still keeping you energized and productive. Stop by our Pueblo dispensary or Trinidad dispensary to get your hands on some Sour Somali.  

Voodoo Strain

This is a unique strain, bred from a Thai landrace, that is one of the best sativa strains on the market. The flavors are fresh, the aroma is fruity, and the buds are crystallized with frosty trichomes just waiting to deliver a potent high. Not only will Voodoo melt away fatigue and stress, it can actually lift your mood and put you in a better mental place to do your best work.

Best Colorado Edibles For Focus

Dixie Awakening Mints

If you’ve ever shopped in a Colorado dispensary, chances are you saw a myriad of Dixie products lining the shelves. That’s because this company is one of the largest and most popular cannabis edible makers in the country. Their Awakening Mints are an easy and discreet way to dose in the morning for an energized day. They’re infused with high-quality cannabis, but also other uplifting supplements like ginseng, ginkgo, matcha green tea, and orange oil. Our customers swear by them!

Canyon Cultivation Cold Infused Coffee

Can you think of anything that encourages productivity more than coffee? Getting through a to-do list without your morning cup of joe is a near impossible task. With this Canyon Cultivation Cold Infused Coffee, you can have the best jumpstart to your morning of all time. Toss one serving (10 mg) of this cannabis-infused cold brew into a cup of almond milk and you will be ready for a day of crushing goals.

Stratos THC Energy

If you are looking for a no-frills cannabis product that will help you stay energized and focused during the day, look no further than Stratos THC Energy tablets. Just like an ibuprofen, you pop one pill and you are all set. No lighter, blowtorch, or sugary edible needed. These pills are popular with marijuana users who want the benefits of cannabis without having to inhale anything. They are incredibly discreet, easy to take to the workplace, and work wonders for providing a clear headed high that will make your to-do list easier.

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