Forget the munchies! A new Canadian study shows that people can lose weight with Cannabis by incorporating into their diet. That’s right – This exciting news, recently published by Obesity Magazine, highlights that Cannabis users actually have lower rates of overeating and of being overweight. Hurray for cannabis weight loss!

Cannabis Weight Loss – Can You Lose Weight By Consuming Cannabis?

The Quebec based research team whipped up some pretty incredible results through their study, one of which really takes the cake. Subjects who consume Marijuana showed to have lower percentages of body fat mass and lower BMI’s, compared to those who don’t mess with Mary Jane. Back in 2011, French researchers went through data on over 50,000 people in the U.S. which showed similar results. They found that subjects who consumed Marijuana at least 3 days per week (or more) were less obese than subjects who haven’t used Marijuana in the past 12 months.

Apparently, getting baked and hitting the junk food isle isn’t the most fattening thing to do in the world. Other studies have shown that people who have used Marijuana in the past month show lower levels of fasting insulin and insulin resistance – Basically, how your body determines its metabolic rate and processes food to fat. For the people who hadn’t used Marijuana in the past 30 days? You guessed it, they showed higher levels in both. Lower levels recorded also point to the fact that frequent Marijuana users are less likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes, which we found pretty stellar.

As more marijuana-based studies come out, we expect to see some very different results than what we’re used to the media telling us about cannabis weight loss. Whether it’s helping with weight loss, pain management, or just getting a better night’s sleep, there’s no denying that marijuana has many more positive effects than you’re used to hearing about.

We’re not experts, but we do know a healthy lifestyle consists of many things. So, whether you’re a toker or not, a balanced diet and staying active is your best bet to keeping the pounds off – However, don’t be so hard on yourself the next time you order everything off the dollar menu at the drive-thru. Bon Appétit!

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