Spring into Shape with Cannabis

By the time the beautiful spring season arrives, most of us have strayed far from our New Year’s Resolution. One cheat day a week turns into four and there is always an excuse to cancel that fitness class. But that early spring sunshine reminds us summer is right around the corner and now is the time to get our bodies feeling strong and capable.

Even the most mellow of fitness routines can be an effective method of combating anxiety, stress, confidence issues, and to boost your overall health. Incorporating healthy movement into your daily life doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, it can be pretty fun…especially with a little help from cannabis. Let’s talk about cannabis for exercise and how to incorporate some Colorado cannabis products into your exercise routine.

The Science Behind Cannabis and Exercise, Explained

Despite the inaccurate stereotypes that depict cannabis consumers as lazy, unmotivated, and snack hungry, there’s actually quite a bit of science that debunks all of that. In a study from Drug and Alcohol Dependence, researchers found a correlation between cannabis consumption and lower Body Mass Index (BMI). While correlation doesn’t prove causation and this study doesn’t prove cannabis itself lowers BMI, there are a few interesting things to consider.

Let’s start with THC’s connection to the “runner’s high”. It has long been thought that the feelings of euphoria and the mood boosting capability of exercise are a result of endorphins being released in the brain. But that isn’t the whole story. A 2003 study found that Anandamide, an endocannabinoid produced naturally by the body that is known as the bliss molecule, is produced during exercise. Anandamide, not just endorphins, is responsible for the runner’s high many people feel during exercise.

But here is where things get really interesting! THC, the chemical compound in cannabis that makes us feel high, has a nearly identical chemical structure to Anandamide and produces similar effects in the brain. So ingesting THC before a workout is like a cheat code to hitting your runner’s high sooner.

Cannabis is also a great tool for powering down after a workout. Many studies show that cannabis can help reduce inflammation and the pain that comes with it. So when your muscles are in repair mode, cannabis can help you manage the soreness.

Best Cannabis Products to use Before a Workout

  • Smoke High Flying Sativas  


Sativa cannabis strains are known to increase heart rate and boost energy levels, so they pair perfectly with any type of physical activity, from a walk around the block to a HIIT class. For the best sativa strains in the state, head to The Spot 420’s Trinidad, Colorado dispensary or their two Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries. You can choose from classics like Green Crack, Pineapple Express, and Durban Poison, or try something more unique like Lucky Charms or Lucinda Williams.

  • Try Some Energy Boosting Colorado Edibles

If smoking before a workout doesn’t sound appealing, Colorado edibles are a great alternative. Ingest a dose you are comfortable with (less than 10 mg is a good start for beginners) 30 minutes before a workout. When shopping for the right pre-workout Colorado edibles, just be sure to ask for options that will boost your energy rather than put you to sleep. Cheeba Chews Sativa taffy are a perfect choice for this.

  • Fill your Colorado Vape Pen With a Sativa Concentrate

Vaporizing cannabis is another easy pre-workout option. Just find a Colorado vape pen with your favorite Colorado THC oil (sativa is a good option here too). For a huge selection of cannabis concentrates, head to The Spot 420’s Pueblo dispensary or Trinidad, Colorado dispensary. For your pre-workout sativa needs, grab a Bakked Grapefruit Haze CO2 oil cartridge.

  • Lather on the Weed Lotion or Cannabis Topical Dixie Bath Soak

Cannabis topicals are perfect for self-care after you finish your work out. A good cannabis topical will penetrate deep into your skin to bring you that full body high. Your muscles just worked hard, reward them with some relief! Start with Dixie Bath Soak and then follow it up with a pain relieving 420 lotion like Apothecanna.

If you are looking to boost your spring workout regimen, give cannabis a shot! Bonus points if you integrate cannabis in your pre and post workout routine! For all the best workout friendly cannabis products, head to The Spot 420. Their two Pueblo dispensaries are conveniently located near Colorado Springs and for those down south, The Spot’s Trinidad dispensary is right off I-25.


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