So, you’ve got your bud, a grinder and concentrates on deck – now, you need the vessel. Luckily, The Spot 420 doesn’t just stop with top shelf Marijuana. We’ve got an assortment of premium gear to get you higher and higher, and we’re going to talk about some of our favorites that certainly pack a punch.

The mothership of all glass water pipes has landed, and it’s looking for concentrates. It’s one of our favorites, that’s right – we’re talking about the Mothership Glass Water pipe. Its gorgeous curvy figure provides a unique spherical smoke filtration system that provides a clean, refreshing hit. If you’ve never experienced the joy of smoking concentrates out of a legit water pipe before, this would be an awesome way to start. Expect a smooth rip which is amplified by a cleanly filtered flavor profile of whatever Spot 420 concentrate you’re enjoying. Basically, it’ll send you to space, who’s ready to board?

The iconic bubbler. A must for anyone that enjoys smoking dry herbs without the harshness of a standard bowl or paper. Our gorgeous selection of Glass Bubblers come in all shapes and sizes, providing the same great hit that’s sure to get you lit. Known for being one of the cleanest ways to medicate, the water filtration system in each bubbler gives a smooth and flavorful toke that’s comfortable to exhale. Plus, you can spark up your own individual style with our huge selection of unique designs, all locally hand blown.

Next, we’d like to introduce the future of pipes, Prometheus Titan. This isn’t your ordinary glass bowl; this thing was designed by engineers to give the user an ergonomically balanced smoking experience you’ve got to hit to believe. This is a fully functional glass pipe that’s securely enclosed inside an aircraft grade anodized aluminum housing. Not only is it protected, its make-up provides you with the purest, cleanest rip you’ve ever had with a pipe. Did we mention it comes in some pretty dope colors too? Stop by The Spot 420 today, we’ve got them all right here for you!

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