What if you combined some of the most potent forms of cannabis together all at once? It may sound crazy, but this is exactly what people are referring to when they talk about “weed sun rocks vs moon rocks”. Even the most experienced of cannabis consumers are in for a potent experience with these. And cannabis newbies should probably shy away. But since we get questions about moon rocks and sun rocks all the time at our Pueblo dispensaries and Trinidad dispensary, we thought we’d clear the air here.

What Are Moon Rocks?

At first glance, weed moon rocks look like small, moss colored pebbles. In reality, they are densely packed buds of cannabis that are coated in cannabis oil, then completely covered in cannabis kief. In case you aren’t sure what those layers entail, here are the basics:

Layer 1: Cannabis Flower

This is exactly what it sounds like: the cured, dried version of cannabis people are most familiar with. It’s what’s ground up to roll joints with or put into a glass pipe for smoking. There is no specific strain of cannabis flower that is associated with moon rocks. And each layer can be made from a different strain as well.

Layer 2: Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a highly concentrated form of cannabis. It’s made by utilizing extraction techniques to pull the active ingredients away from the cannabis plant matter, resulting in an incredibly potent product. There are different extraction techniques and there’s no specific one that is associated with moon rocks. It’s the honey-like consistency of cannabis oil that’s the important factor, holding the final layer of a cannabis moon rock in place.

Layer 3: Cannabis Kief

Have you ever opened the very bottom compartment of a 3-piece grinder? If so, odds are you saw some cannabis kief collected there. It’s a powdery substance that falls from the bud and holds a lot of the good stuff — terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. These are the things that give cannabis its flavor, aroma, and specific side effects. You can consider this powder the powerhouse of cannabis. Compared to sun rocks, moon rocks have a significantly thicker layer of kief.

Between the three layers of cannabis, especially the kief and oil, moon rocks can exceed more than 50% THC. That is around double the THC content of the strongest indica strain! Needless to say, moon rocks pack a serious high. These are not recommended for the faint of heart or the cannabis newbie.

What Are Sun Rocks?

You can think of a sun rock as a moon rock’s more sophisticated and mature older brother. Sun rocks are made with the same layers as moon rocks, but there are a few distinct differences that bring the potency of these nugs to a shocking 80% THC in some cases!

Layer 1: Top-Shelf OG Cannabis Flower

One major difference between moon rocks and sun rocks? Weed strain that’s used. Sun rocks are associated with OG cannabis flower, a family of strains that offer distinct flavor, aroma and sedative effects. And sun rocks aren’t made with just any OG strain. Typically, sun rocks are made using only top-shelf cannabis carrying a higher price tag and potency.

The most popular sun rocks strain is OG Kush, but any OG variety will do the trick. Remember, this is different than moon rocks, which are not associated with any specific or group of strains.

Layer 2: Solventless Cannabis Oil

Not all cannabis oils are created equal. Some manufacturers take short cuts or aren’t willing to invest the large sums of money for clean extraction machinery. When a concentrate is extracted using solvents, some of that solvent residue can remain and they’re then inhaled into your lungs — not good! Because sun rocks are the top-shelf option, only clean, solventless cannabis oil is used.

P.S.: The Spot 420 has an amazing collection of clean, safe cannabis concentrates at both of our Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries and our Trinidad dispensary.

Layer 3: Organic Kief from Top Shelf Flower

You can’t skimp out on the last layer! Sun rocks wouldn’t be the higher potency, better quality alternative to moon rocks if they were made with just any cannabis kief. These cannabis sun rocks require kief from top-shelf, organically farmed cannabis flower.

To recap, the major difference in sun rocks vs moon rocks is quality and potency. Moon rocks are made using whatever products you’d like, of any quality. They have a thicker layer of kief than sun rocks do. When it comes to sun rocks, strain is important. Every layer is traditionally made with all OG strains (OG Kush being the most popular), from the bud at the core, to clean cannabis oil, and organically farmed, top shelf kief.

Are Moon Rocks and Sun Rocks Safe?

Moon rocks and sun rocks are safe so long as they are made using clean, lab tested products. You can make these yourself, but if you do end up buying them elsewhere, it’s important to know your source is safe.

Buying black market cannabis isn’t a smart decision in general and in the case of sun rocks and moon rocks, it’s a really bad idea. That’s because these nugs are so densely coated, you can’t even see what the bud inside looks like before you smoke it. To be safe, it’s smart to either make these yourself with legally purchased and lab tested cannabis products (you can find everything you need at The Spot 420 Pueblo or our Trinidad dispensary) or pre-made from a reputable and legal vendor.

The other concern when it comes to sun rocks vs moon rocks is potency. And to be clear, these things are incredibly strong! So even the most experienced cannabis consumer should take it nice and easy when they are smoking one of these encrusted cannabis buds. If you get too high, pure CBD can help dissipate the intoxicating effects of THC.

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