It’s that time of year again where ghouls, goblins, and THC gummies come out to play. There has been a lot of fear among parents in recent years, however, that malicious people will drop THC infused candy into their kids’ pumpkin head buckets. This is simply not the case and parents across the nation can rest easy by understanding why.

There is always fear around a bunch of kids roaming the neighborhood getting candy from strangers while everyone is in costumes. Since Halloween has been commercially popular around the country, and the world, there has been something in the news for parents to be afraid of—whether that’s razor blades, laxatives, syringes, or whatever. 

The new fear is cannabis. You may have heard of this allegedly happening for the last few years, and while the potential is absolutely there (because anything has the potential to happen really), that doesn’t mean it’s an epidemic that is sweeping the nation. There have been zero reported cases of children being given dosed candy at Halloween. Zero.

Regardless of that fact, there still have been many articles written on the question of whether or not children are getting THC candy while trick-or-treating. The fear seems to have stemmed from New Jersey in 2017 and just never let up. While the risk is real, the action is not believed to be anything close to the truth. 

If you’re a concerned parent, please read on! This fear and worry is completely justified. With the wide availability of THC candy in Colorado and many other states, it’s completely feasible that some could end up in your child’s candy pail. However, the fact that someone would spend the money on “dosing” children with THC candy would make for a very unhinged individual.

However, it’s worth acknowledging and talking about. The Denver police issued a statement saying:

What’s happening a lot with the edible manufacturers who have focused on a hard or a soft candy is that the most cost-effective way for them to bring that to the market is to use knock-off candy. So they’ll buy it in bulk form and they infuse it by using viscous hash oil. They spray that onto the candy, and once that candy dries there is really no way to tell the difference … There’s really no way for a child or a parent or anybody, even an expert in the field, to tell you whether or not a product is infused or not. Once you take something out of one of these packages and put it next to something that isn’t infused it’s very difficult to tell the difference.

The matter of fact is that dispensaries and manufacturers don’t infuse existing candy with cannabis, they make it from scratch with a pre-measured amount of THC. The fear-mongering that is happening is demonizing cannabis, scaring parents and children, and creating a hysteria that is completely unfounded.

It’s highly unlikely that people will put THC edible sin your child’s trick-or-treat candy pail and here’s why:

  • Giving an unsuspecting child (or an adult, for that matter) candy laced with a psychoactive drug is an act of assault in just about any jurisdiction
  • A single dose can run you about $4, which means that a stoner who wanted to prank 25 kids would spend at least $100 doing so
  • Police and others are using this baseless fear tactic to keep parents on alert

We all remember the fear of razor blades being put in candy in the 90s, and this fear is no different. There is always a risk that something could be put into candy that could harm children. Knowing what to look for is the key here. 

Ways to Trick-or-Treat Safely 

If you do your due diligence, the risk of your child being “dosed” by cannabis is slim to none. There are many things you can do to ensure that the candy is safe and your child won’t consume anything harmful, THC included. Here’s what to look for and how to avoid any issues:


  • Search the candy that is “off-brand,” looks homemade, doesn’t have a wrapper, or looks like it has been opened. Throw these away.
  • Cannabis, in any form, has a distinct smell. Smell the candy that looks suspicious
  • Look for “THC” imprinted on the cady or the wrapper
  • Give your children pre-approved candy before leaving the house to trick-or-treat
  • Have a block party with your friends or neighbors and stay within that zone rather than going to unfamiliar houses in the neighborhood


When you’re aware of the risk and move ahead anyway, you’ll not only become savvier about what’s happening, but you’ll also empower your children with the habit of being safe right off the bat. Teaching children what to look for generally, will make them feel safer on their favorite night of the year without any unnecessary fear.


Consuming Cannabis While Trick-or-Treating

Let’s face it, more and more parents are advocating for the use of cannabis to “take the edge off” and if you ask us, that’s a lot better than walking around the block to trick-or-treat with a cocktail. With the rise in availability, quality, and variance of cannabis these days (and especially in Colorado) it has never been safer to consume cannabis as a parent. Pre-measures dosages, high-quality product, and trustworthy dispensaries make it easier than ever before. 


As a parent, if you’re looking to have a little fun while your kids get their kicks on Halloween, consuming a 10mg edible of your choice will make everything more fun as well and keep you alert if anything should go wrong. When you compare that with walking around the block with a cocktail or two, you’ll be able to still have fun while maintaining attention and safety for your kiddos. 


If you’re looking to partake on Halloween, parents or just anyone, come to The Spot 420 for all your cannabis needs. We have locations in Pueblo, West Pueblo, and Trinidad. Our southern Colorado dispensaries operate on the highest standards and our budtenders are incredibly knowledgeable. 


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