14 Best Gifts for the Cannabis Cook (or For Those That Like to Eat Their Buzz)

So, you know a cannabis cook? Perhaps you live with a budding bud baker? There are so many cannabis cooking gift ideas out there. From cannabis cookbooks to marijuana infused condiments there is no shortage of items available for the marijuana enthusiast in your life. If you play your cards right, they might whip you up a tasty snack! (You’re going to get the munchies anyway, right?)

Here are 13 cannabis cooking ideas to whet your appetite.

    1. Pot Leaf Cookie Cutters
      People eat Christmas cookies in the shape of Santa, right? Why not have pot cookies in the shape of a pot leaf? Pick up some amazing Bong Cookie Cutters today!
    2. Cannabis Honey
      For Your Honey – Fresh, piping hot biscuits are just the thing to warm you up on Christmas morning. And what are biscuits without a little honey? Honey Pot Bear 420 and pick up a jar of cannabis-infused honey. They also have honey sticks! It does come in a bear shape so be sure to keep it out of the reach and sight of kids!
    3. Cannabis Coffee
      You know what will go really well with those biscuits? Coffee! How does vanilla caramel sound? Mexican mocha? Check out Canyon Cultivation’s Cold Infused Coffee available from the Spot 420 weed stores. Prefer single serve Cannabis Coffee? Does your loved one have a single use coffee maker? Do they like a little cannabis with their coffee? Have a look at Ganja Grindz They also have cannabis infused coffee filters.

Cannabis Gummies

    1. Cannabis Gummies
      Go for Gummies – Do you need to shop for a bud baker? The Spot 420 has various Highly Edible Cannabis Infused Gummies. They are organic, vegan and contain real organic fruit juices in a variety of flavors. With no corn syrup, and no artificial colors, they are perfect for baking thumbprint cookies with a little extra kick.
    2. Cannabis Candy
      The Candy Man Can- Are you looking for a gift for that baker that is always making you a sweet treat? It is time to return the favor. Do it with style by ordering elegant edibles from Lord Jones. It is the thought that counts and this thought is the sweetest.
    3. Cannabis Hot Sauce
      FIRE!- Does the cannabis chef in your life like to barbecue? Now, they can barbecue and “blaze” with this innovative cannabis-infused hot sauce! Delicious! Perfect for dips, meat, scrambled eggs, and more. Pick up a bottle of Medicated Cannabis Hot Sauce today.
    4. Cannabis Condiments
      If your chef needs some condiments, pick up The Herbal Chef’s jars of ketchup and mustard, infused with 50 mg of THC per jar. It is the perfect complement to any meal.
    5. Cannabis Butter
      THE MOTHER GIFT- This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. If the person you are buying for loves to use cannabis infused butter, then this is the ideal gift for them. Magical Butter is a sleek looking appliance that allows the user to make butters, oils, and more. It is definitely a gift with the WOW factor!

weed stash jars

  1. Cannabis Stash Jars
    Kitchen Utensils – Seriously? Kitchen utensils? Yes, when they are our collection of weed stash jars. Perfect for keeping your stash before making butter or oil. If you are going to cook with it then why not store it like your other ingredients?
  2. 420 Shot Glass
    Take Your Best Shot – Anyone that likes to cook knows that alcohol goes with food. If you are going to enjoy a cannabis infused meal, why not enjoy a drink with a Colorado Spot 420 shot glass? Of course, they are ideal for delivering your cannabis-infused shots too.
  3. Cannabis Relaxing Oils and Lotions
    Get Off Your Feet- After a long day of cooking, a chef wants to relax. They can relax in style with Mary Jane’s medicinals. The Heavenly Hash bath and Massage Oil both look divine. You can find them all here at the Spot 420.
  4. Cannabis Chocolate
    Take Care of Dessert – Offer to bring dessert for the gang and wow your chef with Incredibles Chocolate Bars. There are five sinful flavors to choose from. You may just have to order more than one. Then come back on the Fourth of July for their Firecracker version!
  5. Cannabis Cookbooks
    Herb Cannabis Cookbook is great for the beginner and for the more experienced. It contains all you need to know about cooking with cannabis: tips, tricks, and recipes. Stoner’s Delight Cookbook is all desserts. Between both books you can have a smorgasbord of marijuana munchables to try out!

The Holiday Season is right around the corner so take these ideas and get shopping! Be creative and think about what textures and flavors will delight your favorite stoner shop. You’ll find great inspiration, edibles, and marijuana accessories at The Spot 420. If you’re in Pueblo or Trinidad, Colorado, stop by The Spot 420 Colorado dispensaries and let our knowledgeable budtenders help you buy the perfect cannabis gifts for the holiday season.

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