The Spot 420 Guide to the 15 Best Cannabis Gifts for the Stoner in Your Life… or Some Ideas for Treating Yourself!

Whether you know a stoner, love a stoner, or ARE a stoner, this is the ultimate guide for the holiday season. Check out fun marijuana gifts big and small for any cannabis enthusiast on your gift list. Or treat yourself to something special!

These 420 gifts are available on Etsy, Amazon, or right here at the Spot 420!

spot 420 gifts

Marijuana Gifts Available at The Spot 420

  1. Cannabis Suckers
    Do the Holidays Suck?- If so, invoke that spirit and order the Mountain High Suckers. The suckers are infused with THC and CBD. They come in a variety of colors. And they are the perfect before bed snack.
  2. Cannabis Cookies
    These treats are perfect for the holiday season. You can give anyone on your stoner shopping list a very special cannabis cookie this Christmas. Created by Love’s Oven and infused with CBD and THC, this cookie is sure to please.
  3. THC Infused Truffles
    Feelin’ Fancy? – Need to impress someone this year? Want something out of the ordinary? Give a little bit of class and a little bit of a buzz with THC-infused truffles. These truffles come in multiple flavors and won 1st place, Best Edibles, at the 2016 Cannabis Cup held by high times. Check them out.
  4. Cannapunch Shots
    Better than J.E.L.L.O – Cannapunch shots, infused with 10 mg of THC. Sure to bring a little pick me up to your day in a variety of delightful flavors. Pick up some cannabis shots for yourself too.
  5. Peace Pipe
    Anyone on your Christmas list who smokes cannabis can always use a pipe. We have an amazing selection of hand-blown glass pipes and other 420 accessories. Check out our selection of pipes. They are EPIC.

Cannabis Soap

Marijuana Gifts Available on Etsy

  1. Cannabis Soap
    Can’t get enough of the smell of herb? Now, you have a good reason to smell like it and no one can say a thing. Check out “Cannabis Flower.” It is homemade cannabis soap sold on Etsy by seller LittleHomesteadFarm.
  2. Toasted Pin
    How many times have you said that? Again, go straight to Etsy, do not pass go, and look up the seller named Beanforest. There you will find the “I’m Toasted” Cannabis pin adorned with the cutest picture of a little piece of stoned bread! It’s sure to be a hit!
  3. Your New Bud
    Need a friend? Someone to hug? Seller Plusheez has the most adorable stuffed pot leaf. You will never have to smoke alone again! And your new “bud” can never be a bogarter!

Cannabis Coloring Book

Marijuana Gifts Available on Amazon

  1. The Stoner’s Coloring Book
    Who doesn’t love to create when they are high? You get tons of ideas and inspiration is just a hit away. Too bad you don’t want to get off the couch. That is why this gift is perfect, though. An adult cannabis coloring book is sure to bring endless hours of enjoyment while you let your creativity soar.
  2. Party Game
    Check out the Little Box of Weed Kit. It is a magnetic poetry set for the cannabis enthusiast. Create phrases like “Puff Puff Pass” or “Don’t be a bogarter man.” It’s the ultimate ice breaker.
  3. Weed-opoly
    This awesome marijuana board game was created by Worldwise Imports and is everything Marijuana. You simply start at start and end at stoned. You were going to do that anyway, right? This can add even more fun to your high.
  4. Weed Dead Ahead
    Amazon carries cool signs from Sign Mission. They are just like the classic green sign with your name on it from when you were a kid. You can now reside at Weed Way or Bud Blvd.
  5. Light it Up!
    Haolin has created a super epic, totally sweet Marijuana Leaf 3D Illusion Lamp. Yes, you read that right. You will have the gift of the year when you buy your favorite stoner this awesome lamp.

Christmas is almost here so it is time to get shopping! With a little preparation, you’ll have a very Merry Christmas indeed and a Stoned Out New Year!

Come check out other great cannabis gifts at the Spot 420 dispensaries in Pueblo and Trinidad, Colorado. We’re open 7 days a week. And nobody’s going to mind if you pick up some treats for yourself while you’re there!

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