These days, there’s an abundance of quality Marijuana, and thousands of marijuana strains that make up the ever growing list of our documented experience with pot. There are, however, a group of strains that stand out from the rest. We’re talking celebrity status, the IT crew, our favorites – these are the strains you should be smoking.

What You Should Know About Marijuana Strains

It’s that cozy, sink into the couch kinda high – the Indica strain. Speaking of, we’ve got one of the most famous Indica buds in-house for your optimal enjoyment. Please welcome to the stage, Hindu Kush – This dense bud is known by many to bring relief with stress related issues, providing a sense of confidence and happiness. Ironically enough, it developed its “thick skin” in order to adapt to the harsh climate of its origins, a 500-mile stretch of mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan. We’re going to say it’s like cannabis lovers’ duck-oil, it just helps things roll off your back – like water off a duck’s back… you get the point.

If you’re looking for a bud that’s best of both worlds, you’re probably searching for a Hybrid. As one of the more popular strains at the moment, no other bud deserves an honorable mention more than Blue Dream. This potent pick is the result of a beautiful mix between Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze – providing a Sativa dominant vibe that’s an absolute delight to smoke. It’s a delicious choice for day time smokers because it doesn’t have the sedative effects as Indica strains do, and provides an uplifting, cerebral high that’s perfect for the novice and a preferred choice of many veteran tokers.

Last but certainly not least, we’ve come to one of the most well-known and potent Sativa strains out there – Green Crack. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s just really dank flower, but wow – does it pack a punch. Looking to stay focused? This is the bud for you. It’s sweet and tangy, which makes this easily recognizable strain tasty to puff. Also, if you’re dealing with fatigue, depression or stress – this delightful flower will brighten your day in no time.

There you have it, the crème de la crème of strains. Don’t forget, we’re home to all of them. So, if you’re looking to medicate with the best, stop by The Spot 420 today and put the different marijuana strains to the test.

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