These days, it’s no surprise to hear about your favorite celebrities smoking ganga, or seeing pictures in the tabloids of random famous faces lighting up. I mean, we do it, and famous people are just normal people, right? What’s really entertaining is finding out about the not so obvious names that have admitted to smoking weed in the past, or even better, the present. We’re going to reveal our Top 5, not so obvious puffers; a few of who might even surprise you!

#5: Ok, so there’s always one question it seems that the President of the United States gets asked, and it has to do with inhaling. Speaking of the President, our current leader, President Obama, responded to being asked about his previous Marijuana use with, “When I was a kid, I inhaled frequently. That was the point.” Bravo, Mr. President, bravo!

#4: She’s done hard time, and still knows how to cook a mean casserole. That’s right, we’re talking about the lovely, Martha Stewart. Even though she never straight out admitted to being a toker, when asked if she knew how to role a joint, her response – “Of course I know how to roll a joint.” Enough said, Ms. Stewart, enough said!

#3: The original queen of pop, Madonna, admits to her over excitement on a 1994 appearance of the David Letterman Show being credited to the joint she smashed right before hitting the stage, and not actually Dave. For some reason, this one didn’t surprise us much.

#2: The notorious Hugh Hefner has stated many times that Marijuana wakens his senses, allowing him to experience all that life has to offer on a much more vibrant scale. Well, when you’ve been Mr. Playboy for a million years, heightening your senses is probably a must, if you catch our drift.

#1: This next one really made us smile. It seems that even Oprah has gotten on the bandwagon, and still may be a secret rider. When Andy Cohen asked the mogul about the last time she remembers using pot in a recent television interview, she replied with “1984.” After jokingly inviting her to hang after the show, she laughed with, “Okay, I hear it’s gotten better.” Oprah, we see you! By the way, it has gotten better, and the best can be found right here at The Spot!

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