‚ÄčThere’s no doubt that in the last decade, society has begun to sing a different tune when it comes to¬†marijuana legalization. The stigmas that once associated pot with being the “gateway” drug into an unstable life of substance abuse have quickly turned into what many claim to be a savior in the medical industry and a much needed boost to our economy.

A Brief History of Marijuana Legalization

If you would have asked your neighbor what they thought about marijuana legalization in the late 60’s, you more than likely wouldn’t have gotten a positive response. Studies show that only 12% of Americans saw the benefits of legalizing marijuana in 1969 versus the 51% of the American public today, according to a recent Gallup poll. Since Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska broke the mold and legalized the use of recreational marijuana, we’ve seen the positive financial impact it can have with the big bucks it brings Uncle Sam. There are now 23 US states that allow some sort of legal use of cannabis and many believe more are to follow this year. In fact, it’s been speculated that ahead of the 2016 elections, at least 5 more states are supposed to jump on board with full legalization.

Imagine a time before marketing alcohol was needed, a time right before the great prohibition ended. Now, think of all the new opportunities, companies and jobs that could come about from the need of new marketing, sales, exporting, manufacturing and supporting the medicinal and recreational future of weed – legalized. It’s almost too much to handle and it’s not going unrecognized. It’s even expected to be a huge bartering act with obtaining the younger generations vote in the upcoming 2016 election. With an estimated 200 billion dollar future, the industry value trumps the current pharmaceutical markets worth. This has many seeing dollar signs – but there’s more to the story than money and politics.

The advances in medical research are really what have us pumped. Imagine a cure to cancer, relief from epilepsy and other severe forms of debilitating illness. There are so many medical mysteries we’ve been unable to achieve any sort of victory fighting in previous efforts. Now, we’re seeing advancements we never thought possible, all thanks to Marijuana. Whether you’re pro-pot for recreational use or strictly pro-pot for the medical benefits, one of society’s greatest agricultural achievements is taking place. So, grab your pot-corn and take seat; this is history in the making.

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