Odds are, if you’re an avid toker, you’ll puff whatever is passed your way. Up until the recent mainstream growth in Marijuana culture, only experts understood the individual value each new strain introduced could bring those who look for specific remedies in medicating. Now, let’s take a look at some of our favorite ways pot can heal, and the specific effects each strain can have on your body.

Let’s start with a favorite Sativa strain that you can actually find right here at The Spot – Triple Diesel. This potent plant feels a lot like an Indica, but when taken in small doses, delivers a focused and relaxed mental effect that gives you all the brain power needed to just chill. The perks of this pungent bud have been described as relieving pain, stress and anxiety, while the cons being some pretty gnarly dry mouth.

Our next bud is a hometown favorite, and most popularly known for its cultivation right here in Pueblo – Alpha Cow. This Sativa dominant strain has been a regular pick here at The Spot and delivers a pretty stellar cerebral experience that isn’t what you might expect from your standard Sativa. It keeps you in a relaxed state with nothing but uplifting and positive vibes, and the taste – Well, if blueberries and toffee are two of your favorite sweet treats, this taste profile is one you’re going to love!

When White Widow and Northern Lights decide to make a bud-baby, White Lightning’s what you’ll get, an Indica dominant Hybrid. Critics say it’s an amazing way to treat stress, anxiety and depression; plus, it delivers an intense euphoric happiness one might expect to find in a more Sativa dominant strain. This amazing strain has also been widely used in the medical field to treat everything from Parkinson’s, insomnia and anorexia. This plant is a medical hero, and it’s here for you to try!

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