The future is clear, and it’s greener than ever! With so much happening in the world of Marijuana, we had to ask – What does the future of smoking look like? Well, after doing some research, we’ve got to say; it looks pretty dank from here. Now, let’s talk about it.

We all know what vaping is, but did you know this? It’s been said that vaping your bud can actually be the healthiest way to medicate if edibles aren’t your thing. Using infused cannabis liquid, concentrates and even dry flower, the vape pen has established its presence in the pot world already, and to be honest, it looks like it’s going to stay. In fact, the MMJ vaping industry raked in over 3.5 billion in 2015, that’s over double what it was estimated to collect. Also, if you’re a techie at heart, the sleek and modern look of a vape pen might appeal to you more than a joint, and certainly is much easier to conceal.

What else is happening with the future of weed? Well, statistically, you might see more ladies taking part in puffing. Oh yeah, it’s said that since 2004, only 10% of registered smokers in medically legal states were women. Now, it’s about 50-50, and growing. We’re not sure if the changes in the last decade lowered the negative stigma pot had on women users, or maybe the stand in recent political female figures have helped the cause, but it’s now an even playing field for which sex smokes most.  

Just like your favorite kind of soda or snack is marketed to consumers, “branded” strains are now starting to get the same type of Hollywood treatment. It’s been discussed that by 2020, pot smokers won’t only be buying a particular strain based on the experience or effect it brings like we do today, but because that strain might be dubbed as the “Coca Cola” of bud, gaining exposure and attention through you guessed it – Product placement. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing television ads, billboards and even mascots to promote you to buy certain strains. We knew the day would come, and we’re happy to say – Bring it on.

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