With so much buzz booming around recreational marijuana, “closet-tokers” across the country are hitting up the ability to legally indulge in any of the 4 recreational states. In some cases, however, the words “drug test” can still send some of our secret smokers into a panic. We’ve got your facts on THC, and what to expect when getting tested after toking.

What to Expect When Taking a Drug Test

What exactly are they looking for? Anytime you use marijuana, you release cannabinoids into your bloodstream, also known as THC. We can credit the euphoric feeling you get from smoking to a chemical reaction that takes place almost instantly after your first hit. This process also releases something called a metabolite, which by definition is a chemical produced by the body from another chemical taken in by the body – i.e. marijuana. When screening your urine for MMJ, the metabolite they are looking for is THC.

How long does THC stay in my system? Here’s the thing – how quickly your body rids its system of THC depends on your metabolism and diet, which differs for everyone. Factor things in like the quantity of marijuana consumed, how often you use, and even the way you medicate. This, mixed with your body’s natural metabolic rate, all play an important role in how quickly you rid yourself of any traces of THC.

What if I don’t smoke often? So, you just took one hit and now you’re stressed? Here’s the deal – you should be in the clear within 72 hours of medicating, given you drink plenty of water and have a decent metabolism. Secret smokers who medicate more often than once in a great while, we’re talking on a weekly basis or more, are going to have a longer window where traces of THC are present in their system. Keep in mind as well, if you’re an avid toker, traces of THC can be found in your system for up to 3 months or longer. In conclusion, it’s important to remember that our bodies are all different. So, when you recreationally medicate under the radar, remember this; your water intake, metabolic rate and frequency of how often you puff all play an important role in the paper trail of pot your system leaves behind.

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