Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Colorado

So you bought some Colorado seeds…now what do you do with them? For most people, growing cannabis at home is a new experience. If you are just looking to grow a cannabis plant for novelty sake at home, by all means, be our guest. It’s as easy as tossing the cannabis seeds in soil and seeing what happens! But if you actually want to grow usable cannabis, that’s a totally different story. Despite its “weed” nickname, usable cannabis is tough to grow!

To help you out, we have gathered five quick tips for growing marijuana seeds in Colorado successfully.

Can I Grow Cannabis Seeds in Colorado?

Yes! Colorado’s cannabis laws allow Colorado residents over the age of 21 to grow up three mature (flowering) cannabis plants at once and three additional seedlings. Homes with multiple adults can have no more than 12 plants. Seeds can be purchased at certain Colorado dispensaries, but not all. So do your research first before shopping and be sure to find seeds that are feminized to ensure your plant will flower.

3 Tips for Growing Marijuana Seeds With Minimal Equipment

  1. Start in the Right Season.

If you want to grow your own cannabis seeds, Colorado requires you to do it in an enclosed, locked area that can’t be viewed openly (also known as: inside). If you want to grow usable cannabis indoors with minimal equipment, you’ll need a warm, humid climate to help. Start growing you cannabis seeds sometime between April-June to make your chances of avoiding mold or pests better.

  • Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds in Colorado

The first step in growing cannabis from the seed is germination. Dig way back into your memories of middle school earth science class and you will remember that germination is the simply the process of seeds growing into bonafide plants. There are a few ways to germinate seeds, but we’ll highlight the three that use the least amount of equipment.

    • Soil: This is just like you learned planting seeds in elementary school. Fill a small pot or other vessel (with a hole in the bottom for drainage) with soil. Drop the seed in and push it into the soil about an inch and a half deep. Make sure it is completely covered. People like this method because it is simple and there’s less risk of the plant dying during transplant. 
    • Water: Got cannabis seeds? Got water? Then you have everything you need to complete germination with this method! Simply soak the marijuana seeds in water until roots before to form. When the taproot forms, you can move it into soil. 
  • Paper Towel: This is another minimal-equipment method that people love. Place a damp paper towel spread across a plate, then place the cannabis seeds on the paper towel. Cover the entire plate loosely with plastic wrap. Then store the plate somewhere warm and dark, like a drawer in the kitchen near (but not next to) the stove. In a few days, you should start seeing the seeds sprout.
  1. Pick a Good Spot to Store Your Plant

If you are growing this with minimal equipment, it will be extra important to pick the right spot for your cannabis seeds to grow. Cannabis needs light, and lots of it, to grow to its full potential. More light captured by the plant’s leaves and stems, the more energy it builds to grow stronger. If you don’t want to invest in an affordable LED grow light, be sure to find a super sunny spot in your home for your cannabis seeds to live. The general rule is five hours of direct sunlight and five hours of indirect sunlight per day. And remember rule number one about starting in the right season? Early spring and summer will have longer days, meaning more sunlight.

  1. Invest (but not too much) in nutrients.

Indoor cannabis plants will need more help to grow than outdoor plants, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to buy expensive nutrient blends. If you are already a composter, you can make your own compost tea with relatively few supplies and use it on your plant (this is a great environmentally friendly choice). Or you can invest in some affordable yet high quality bloom booster. This option is less than $20 and can make all the difference in the quality of cannabis you grow.

While you wait for your own beautiful bounty to grow, you are going to need some ready-made Colorado cannabis products. Head to The Spot 420’s two Pueblo, Colorado dispensaries or their Trinidad dispensary for a huge selection of Colorado edibles, weed lotion, the strongest indica strains, Colorado vape pen cartridges and more.

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